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    PS ONE Classics?

    There should be a firmware update in April. I'd wager a guess that's as good a time as any to also add PS1 emulation. It's not like it can be that hard, they've had PS1 emulation in many devices already so it shouldn't be too hard.
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    Any FPS with MP confirmed yet?

    It can cope with it, but it's also a lot, lot more unreliable than Wifi. That said, there's already multiplayer footage of Resistance, so that's not something you have to "hope" is true. And Killzone without multiplayer will not happen. Killzone 1 on PS2 had online multiplayer, Killzone...
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    Theatrhythm FF announced for Summer 2012 in NA and Europe.

    Yay, not too long now.
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    Any FPS with MP confirmed yet?

    Resistance in May. Killzone TBA (probably Fall 2012)
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    Whats to look forward to?

    Well, Square Enix, Falcom, Atlus, Sega, Level 5, Namco, GameArts and such have games already released games or have games coming for Vita, though many of them are remakes/ports so far (Persona 4 Golden, Tales of Innosence R, Ys IV) or aren't JRPGs at all. Square Enix, though, hasn't really...
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    Whats to look forward to?

    They WILL drop the price. But anyone expecting the same kind of drop that 3DS got (or even a drop to similar price range) will be waiting for at the very least 2-3 years. It'll probably drop 50€ in ~6 months AT MOST, probably less.
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    Whats to look forward to?

    If you're not happy, then why on Earth did you even get a Vita? The post-launch drought isn't any kind of surprise, you could see it coming if you'd had a quick browse through of Vita's release schedule. If great games like Wipeout 2048, Lumines, Rayman Origins, Tales From Space: Mutant Blob...
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    TACTICS Ogre VITA versus PSP Comparison and Video Analysis

    It's available even through Vita's PS Store.
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    Kickstart: Wasteland sequel! (kind of a Fallout precursor) They are aiming for at least 900,000$, with guarantees of significant increase in the amount of content & complexity of the game if they exceed 1,25 million & 1,5 million. It's already at about 250,000$ and it's only been up for maybe 6...
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    Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Vita JP release date: June 28, 2012

    Yes, of course I'm talking about the PSP version. And PSP games look great on Vita screen, so I don't really even think that a Peace Walker HD would be necessary. Also, another reason why a Peace Walker HD won't be included anywhere on Vita is simply because... there IS NO Peace Walker HD...
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    Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Vita JP release date: June 28, 2012

    It's one of those games you have to purchase through PS3 (or PC?), seems like it's not available through Vita's PS Store.
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    Phantasy Star Online 2 coming to Vita, hellz yeaaaaaaaaahz!

    Agh, not only will it not be F2P, it's also online only. Ah well, there goes that, I won't be getting this. I liked having the option of playing Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II when my big brother or friend couldn't come to play it. Don't really like to be forced to play multiplayer, even if...
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    Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Vita JP release date: June 28, 2012

    I really don't think this will include Peace Walker in the west either. First of all, there's the simple reason of Vita's game cards not having enough room for three big games (they aren't as big as dual layered DVDs, let alone blu-ray). Second, Peace Walker is already available for Vita. If...
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    Inafune developing an "amazing Vita game", share's zero specifics (Sony published?) Yeah, that's that. Will probably be a long wait, given that he announced that 3DS game a long time ago and we still haven't seen anything from it. This is just a barebones announcement that he's...
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    Phantasy Star Online 2 coming to Vita, hellz yeaaaaaaaaahz!

    I'm not sure, probably not? Hopefully with Vita you could at least use ad hoc multiplayer to play with friends. Oh, and PSO2 will have cross-platform play (and you can also use the same character on both PC & Vita). They are also hoping to bring PSO2 to home consoles, though Vita & PC are the...
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    Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Vita JP release date: June 28, 2012
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    Phantasy Star Online 2 coming to Vita, hellz yeaaaaaaaaahz! Seems incredibly early, but what the hell, it's still early (release in 2013).
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    IGN Unit 13 review

    I've got to say, I enjoyed the demo of Unit 13 more than Uncharted... Will probably get Unit 13 first, Uncharted sometime later. Though, Wipeout 2048 will come first.
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    Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward visual novel coming to Vita in English in Fall 2012

    Because many of you probably don't visit the Nintendo/3DS section, I guess I could post this here too, to spread the visual novel love~ Aksys finally announced officially what has been assumed for quite some time. The Japanese visual novel/adventure game Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People...
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    People known for Phantasy Star, Falcom, Persona & Sakurai Wars to be @ Vita webthing

    What couldn't be true? The three games from Atlus & Falcom have already been announced and a Phantasy Star Victory like online loot-whore action RPG isn't that far-fetched given how well Phantasy Star Portable 2 sold (at least in Japan, PSP2 and PSP2I's combined sales are not too far away from a...