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    Where are all the old members from 2006-2008 gone?

    Thought I'd pop in for the first time in many, many years. Somehow ended up going on a huge nostalgia trip as I've managed to order a PS5 which is arriving (hopefully) on Friday. I really do miss this place, those 08-11 days were amazing, amazing times. You could feel the forum dying by 11 and...
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    Pokemon Red Battle Theme played on Piano! /Nostalgia.
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    I know it's a new UI and bugs have to ironed out, but I felt I should make the first topic on this <3.
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    exduse mh whuislteye chanfgr mhy threafd tidgle

    Oops, I made a few typos in my thread title, easy fix right? No...We still can't change our thread titles. WTF is up with that?
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    Intercontinental GT500 Championship | Signups **OPEN**

    Instead of posting the entire thread here again, I'll just link to the GTP thread (Clicky!). Alternatively, you can either post here or on GTP if you wish to take part.
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    Plane passenger catches Discovery's final launch! Pilot has a great sense of humour :snicker.
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    The Last Guardian - PS3M Info Blowout

    SOURCE: Needless to say, I can't wait for TLG. E3 2011 should be one heck of a show.
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    Bahraini army fires on protesters *VIDEO* Video is somewhat graphic, watch at your own discretion. This is disgusting, seems we're in for a nice domino effect.
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    Discovery prepares for final launch

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    Amazing YouTube film! Great video. Deserves more views ;).
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    Track creator?

    Does anyone actually use the track creator? Since we can't share or race our own tracks online it seems like another pointless addon to GT5..
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    So..about those updates?

    Forgive me if I'm wrong, but the forum is still dying, and we haven't had an update in months. No shop, icons? User's can't edit their own thread titles?
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    Blizzard confirm new MMO - 'Titan'

    SOURCE: At least the 'World of Starcraft' balls can stop. What ever it is, I'm thinking it's going to be sci-fi. Hopefully some sort of shooting MMO. EDIT: It also confirms the leak:
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    The Pokemon theme like you've never heard it before I really have no words for this :lol:.
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    What do I do now?...

    So I'm level 25 and I've unlocked the endurance races. There's no way that one endurance race (300km of Grand Valley (Fun..)) is going to get me from 25-26, and I REALLY don't want to grind (Just did the 23-24 grind). Thinking about it, there aren't even that many cars to buy. 908, 787B, R10...
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    NASCAR lvl 21 special challenges

    If you're struggled on these, I'm about to give you the best advice you will ever receive. Turn off ABS. The first Daytona event with the pitstop is easy if you come out around 5th-6th, just draft the opponents. The second one at Indy is the same, draft like a ***** and remember that you...
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    For those of you with DFGTs

    I have since taken the label off btw ;). I used a bunjee cord to give the pedals loads more resistance, it definitely makes them a whole heck load more fun to use! I used one on the brake pedal too, but that ended up sticking slightly, so I leave it as normal now. Two 60cm bunjee cords for £2...
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    GT5 is not for the easily scared

    I was just hosting a free run room for GT5, 16 players, Le Sarthe time change. To say the least, it was amazing! So I changed the track to the Nurburgring time change, it came to night time and I thought it would be fun to use a NASCAR. Turns out NASCAR cars' don't have headlights. So I'm...
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    PSU All-Series Championship *Race7: Fuji GT March 5th*

    Congrats to GP-CiaN for winning the All-Series PSU GT5 Championship! NASCAR Super GT Le Mans F1 Stock cars V8 Touring Cars Norbert's Porno 'stache Racing GTRacerUK & Andy_098 & Phil_75 GP-CiaN & Joey975 Netherdragon & Zzxxz Renegade Motorsports - Kyaw25 & Arkano6 178 GP-CiaN...
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    GT5 missed production window by only 3 days

    SOURCE: 3 days..../sigh.