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    Streaming - Is there a way to hear both mice?

    Was just wondering if there was a way to hear both mics when streaming or can you only hear the person who is streaming the game? Cheers V3
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    Scorpion Design...

    Hello lads. Been a while. I do miss you. Probably not remembered :( I have a design request and there's only one place I could think of that would be able to do the job for me. I'm going to be starting a detailing company (google it if you need to) and I want a logo designed. More just a...
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    FIFA 12 - Asda Price?

    Hey guys, Does anyone know what price Asda are doing FIFA 12 for this year? It was £25 last year so I would hope it would be the same again! Cheers V3
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    Score Predictor - Season 2011/12 - Anyone interested??

    Hello people! Would anyone be interested in taking part in a score predictor game for the upcoming season? Basically guess the scores of the ten games from the Premiership. A correct guess gets 3 points, if you predict a win/lose/draw correctly but not the correct score you get 1 point...
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    Fallen out of love :(

    I really miss this place but as the title says, I've just fallen out of love with PS3, the forums, everything :( I has a sad. Someone reignite my passion! Please!
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    V3nom's May Giveaway - One Year Subscription!!! ***Congrats to Rapture***

    Since I'm happy, just been paid, off work for a week and planning on getting drunk for 7 days in a row I thought the lovely members of PSU should benefit from this. I'm giving away a one year subscription on these wonderful forums. All you have to do is post in this thread to be entered into...
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    Fifteen Richest Fictional Characters

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    Does anyone take any vitamins?!

    Just wondering because for the past couple of weeks my knees have been really stiff after sitting for prolonged periods of time. People tell me cod liver oil capsules are the best for stiff joints. Anyone else take anything special?!
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    "Halo" Movie Trailer is Here!

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    "The Human Centipede" Trailer is Here! - Adult Warning

    Yeah, just when you thought there might be a chance of it being a windup, here's the trailer!
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    V3nom's Easter Giveaway! *** CONGRATS TO TOONASSASSIN ***

    Hi Guys Time for another giveaway! I am offering God of War III to one lucky person in the forums! Open for 1 week only! To enter simply make a post in this thread and I'll add your name to the roster! RULES: Must be registered before 02/04/10. If you 15 or under you must have...
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    First Photos from "Resident Evil 4: Afterlife"

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    "The Human Centipede" - WTF!? - Adult Warning!

    This is actually being made... Source!!!!
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    Scarlett Johansson's Awesome "Iron Man 2" Poster

    Source Epic :mrgreen:
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    Who should play members in PSU: The Movie?

    lol, following on from the Kratos thread lol What actors would be good to play what members in a PSU movie?! C'mon, this'll be funny!
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    Chris Evans as "Captain America" in Fan Made Posters

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    I'm really enjoying Heavy Rain but...

    I've fallen asleep twice now whilst playing!!! Anyone else done this or do I just need to start playing it earlier? :lol:
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    Iron Man 2 - New Trailer!!!

    YouTube- IRON MAN 2 (second trailer) [HD] source
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    Guess That Movie 2010 Edition!

    That's right! PS3F's favourite game has been updated. Now there will be a monthly prize of 10,000SP! After discussions with Charles, it was decided that the thread needed updating and had to be kept that way to keep the competitive edge! So, it was decided that I would start the new thread...