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    ps4 gold headset mic issue

    Hey guys so got the ps4 gold headset and it sounds great except for the mic. You can check one of my videos on YouTube of me streaming and it does not sound good. Was wondering if this is an issue with the streaming or is there something I can do to fix the mic. I have Google and found nothing...
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    Lords of the fallen

    So anyone else get this? I did and loved it. Took a learning curve because while some combat is similar to dark souls just as much is different. A bit mad about magic, thought I could be a caster but meh. Overall great game so far.
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    So it's ok

    To have thread about ghost discussing him and his leadership but when a mod is brought up that thread is shut down? Why double standards?
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    So lethal is the type of mod that is OK here? One that abuses his power often. More recently taking one more jab at people then locking the thread so no one can responed. So it's ok for mods to get upity insulting people then abuse power to silence people? Yeah I know lethal will prob lock this...
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    Need help from a European person

    I present to you this video That flip n tray box I want it, but NA does not get it yet. Anyone willing to pick it up and I will pay via paypal for it. I know we have lots of EU people here, and many I trust, so hopefully we can work this out so I...
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    dvd remote

    anyone know of compatible ones?
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    The Evil Within

    So who else got this? So far....I hate this game, I mean I regret buying it so much. The letterbox sucks, the camera angle ir horrific, and the mobs. I mean hey I play the Souls series I am all in favor of mobs having the advantage, but to one shot you in normal mode? Even Souls game do not do...
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    First party ftw

    If this 900p/30 fps crap keeps happening it is going to make first party give these "level the field" third party devs the finger because first ac, now dragonage. Don't get me wrong I realize not every game can be 60fps but we know for a fact the ps4 is capable of beautiful games at 1080p 60...
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    Htsune Miku American TV Debut David Letterman is awesome, first GG now this, he really has a big variety of music guest.
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    Naruto we love the, Farewell We come to the close of an era. An inspirational manga and anime.
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    Major changes

    Goodbye loot cave
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    Impact on weapons

    So here I am super excited I got a legendary weapon Doctor Nope from an engram. It has higher attack then my currently equped auto rifle so you would think it would deal more damage. So I go to patrol and do a headshot...52 this is lower than my old one. I equip my old one, which has...
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    Blizzard's Project Titan is DEAD Maybe this means they going to do something big in WOW with expansions that will get older players back.
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    New events Sep 23 2am PST I am down for The Queens Wrath
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    Silent Hill may be eposodic. NO fuck this shit. I have already contemplated quitting gaming all together thanks to this new trend of every game, even single player, needs dlc, and now episodic? RE:Revalations 2 is the test to see...
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    The gamergate keeps diging up new information It is a good read and confirms most of what we all thought.
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    Gauntlet Yayy one of my fav arcade games has returned. I drooped quarters on this bad boy, and Dark Legacy on PS2 I spent hours on. Anyone else getting it?
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    UK raises terror threat level to severe So UK peps this legit scare or political bs?
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    nicki Minaj new video (a joke thread) Man I watch this video and I can not stop thinking,
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    P.T. aka New Silent Hill

    Or as i call it Jesus Fucking Christ(what I say when I get scared). Download it and try it.