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    Sega Teases western release for Valkyria Chronicles Remaster Hopefully this means Azure Rebellion is also in the works for a western release
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    What Can Sony Learn From 3DS Launch?

    needs region free and some good unique games, DS and PSP already suffered from having too many ports and it really feels like they're stepping it up to the nth degree
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    Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky is awesome, let me tell you why

    actually I'm borrowing this from Neogaf with my man Varion's permission, since even the RPG tyrant himself has to bow down to his fanaticism over this series :D Release date: PC: 24/06/04 (Japan) PSP: 28/10/06 (Japan) 29/03/11 (US) TBA (EU) Editions: Standard Edition - $29.99 (US Only)...
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    GDC11: Sony unveils PhyreEngine 3.0 for PS3 and MGP.

    actually I'm pretty sure you'll see some announcements of games using it next week or so
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    Huge Yakuza of the end demo on JPSN

    it's ~1800MB so it's a fairly hefty download but there's at least an hours content, it really puts sega america's pathetic Yakuza 4 demo to shame. It's mostly gameplay with just a bit of talking and you get to try out a bunch of the guns. Some of it is forced tutorials though so it's a bit...
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    NGP Is “Dead On Arrival” – Neil Young

    oh lol, Gameloft-but-worse ripoff company think their awful $1 games are more desirable than actual games. Who wants peace walker when you can have iTouch:Pets a game that sounds like a beastiality sim
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    Sony to announce PSP2 in Tokyo on January 27 (

    3ds is region locked? I did not know that. That must have been lost in the storm of battery life complaints :lol: Wonder if Square-Enix will annouce anything for "unannounced hardware" at their conference like Level 5 did with their 3ds game?
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    Dara O Briain Hilarious bit on video games I was seriously in tears laughing at the metal gear solid bit :D
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    Wild Arms Composer working on new RPG hopefully we'll see media vision's ps3 project unveiled at TGS
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    Valkyria Chronicles DLC 4 next week!

    Source Glad to finally get them, eager for some more Valkyria 1
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    Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgement Review

    I promised to review this as people were somewhat interested but put off by the ugly art, so here you guys go :D A long time ago in a land far far away there was a strategy RPG called Vandal Hearts. It wasn't a very well known game back then and with so much time passing, all but the most...
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    Official TGS News from the floor thread

    Just making a one stop thread to cover all the headlines for TGS at a glance, see linked threads for indepth info News Snips: 1 million PS3 Slims sold. (Sony Keynote) Motion controller goes on sale Spring 2010 (Sony Keynote) Final Fantasy Versus XIII shown privately source Gran Turismo...
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    Official Pre-TGS News and rumours thread - It begins!

    News, rumours, games lineups and official sites for TGS by Company Countdown: Liveblogs: Acquire -...
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    Nippon Ichi will have "exciting PS3 RPG news soon"

    According to the lovely Nao Zook of Nippon Ichi on the offical PSBlog today Nippon Ichi will have exciting news for PS3 RPG fans soon! Personally I'm hoping for a new La Pucelle. Source
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    Famitsu 25/8/09 - Wizardry PS3

    Wizardry: Tales of Vesperia new outfits: 3d Dot Game Heroes...
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    Persona 5 rumours resurface.

    So you might remember a couple of weeks ago Atlus were running a teaser site for a game which ended up being SMT Strange Journey, however in their zeal to find out what the teaser was japanese fans uncovered a slip up on a pa*****o site mentioning persona 5 on PS3. When SMT: Strange Journey was...
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    CyberConnect 2 teases a new game...again [Update: It's Naruto Accel 3 for PSP] CyberConnect 2, creatiors of the famed .hack series and the gorgeous PS3 exclusive NAruto game have uploaded a teaser page for a new game. Interestingly it still isnt the DS game they're working on as it added a new slot to their front page. Having already...
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    Rumour: Oboro Muramasa, Arc Rise Fantasia possibly coming to PS3

    Source What do you think? Personally I'd be happy to pick both those titles up.