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    Sony: climate "not healthy" for PlayStation Vita successor

    This is one of those things where Sony shouldn't make another handheld gaming system. Nintendo has such a strong market with this and not only do they have the market, but they have a solid fanbase, so much so that it really isn't worth competing. I think this all can go back to the PSP when...
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    God of War 3 remastered PS4 vs PS3 comparison

    I have to say, I can see the difference is both a much smoother frame rate and clarity of the picture/game quality. While it's not a huge leap, it's enough to make me get it if it's decently priced. found it on digital foundry
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    Time glitches, the universe, strange happenings, dimensions, discuss it here.

    I will continue this discussion here on this topic.... but if you have other things to discuss, please do so. That is like what happened when I was much younger. It was as I said earlier in another topic. My sister dropped a glass, but midway through the fall, the glass shattered as if it...
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    Anything new in the Nintendo universe yet?

    What the hell is going on here, over a week and nothing new? Nintendo has got to do something, anything, get something going. One whole week and nothing.:???:
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    What is this expansion plug-in on the bottom of the old NES system?

    Was looking at my old Nintendo system and I remember seeing this expansion port, but I never could figure out what went into it. Is there some odd expansion that plugs into the bottom of the NES that I don't know about? :lol:
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    Remember this movie?

    Super Mario Bros. lolz holy crap, it's been such a long time :snicker
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    That horrible Playstation store searching.....

    Are they ever going to change how you search for things on that playstation store? It's horrible and they even have it on the PS3 PSN store. I hate when a stupid program dictates what letter I can and can't type when searching for something. I can't remember what title I was searching for...
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    Killing Floor 2. Wow, what the hell?

    I didn't hear anything about this game and it looks like a mindless blast. surprised I didn't notice it in here or anything. Now I haven't played the first one, but after watching this it looks like a gory amount of fun, I can't help but think of the older Serious Sam games when watching this...
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    [Update: SaGa 2015] Square Enix to reveal new console RPG in December

    If it's a new Deus Ex and it's anything like Human Revolution, I'll get it.
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    [Update: SaGa 2015] Square Enix to reveal new console RPG in December

    Whatever, I thought Human revolution was awesome. It was one of the first games I got a platinum on. I thought Xenogears was Squaresoft.
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    So who's had to do that Colonoscopy prep?

    Even though no one gives a crap, I'm still going to talk about this because I never had one before. Today I had to get a colonoscopy but they gave me 2 pills I had to take at like 12pm, then I had to put 8.3oz of Miralax mixed with 64oz of gatoraid and the next morning I had to drink 10oz of...
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    Why is the login separate on the website and forums?

    Both of these should be together and while it's a small thing, it's one of those things I find annoying as heck. I login to the forums but have to login to the main page if I want to post on an article? eeeeesh.
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    GPU-Switching Technology Patented By Sony It’s good to finally read something about Sony’s next-generation console. For a while now we’ve been hearing reports or rumors for Microsoft’s new device. This proved to be a good change. A user on NeoGAF has...
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    Messed up dreams that you could feel.

    Have you ever had any messed up dreams or dreams where you could feel what was happening? not so much pain in dreams, but someone grabbing you or punching you to where you could feel the impact but not the pain. I wake up at around 5am this morning and couldn't stop laughing. my dream was me...
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    This will get you in the mood for fish and chips or a cottage pie o.O

    friggin hell.. After watching this I made some fish and chips, although I didn't use the same fish but the batter was exactly how he did it. Also, Gordon Ramsay was trained under Marco Pierre White. Even though Marco is doing knorr commercials, So far I've tried recipes from 2 videos and...
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    Mike Rowe (dirty jobs) on Lamb Castration, peta, and American Labor

    I know this is an old video but this is the first time I came across this video of Mike Rowe discussing the importance of all these jobs. not just about lamb castration, but american Labor in general. What do you think about what he says? I personally agree with him completely but at the...
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    What are you making for dinner tonight? (foody?)

    trying to push the limits of what you can cook, what are you going to whip up for dinner tonight? I am doing a Beef Braciole with Romano cheese, fresh garlic, parsely. and serving with that braciole is pasta. takes me about 3.5 hours to make this. What about you, are you a foody, do you...
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    darn Related Articles tab.....

    can you guys do something with that ""related articles"tab. it's always getting in the way of forum topics and stuff, very annoying on the right hand side when you enter a topic.. sometimes it even centers itself right in the middle of the screen. o.O
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    VERY strange instruments

    Some of these instruments seem pretty damn awesome. the 2nd video down reminds me of an a alien drum.