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    GTAIV.....Under the Hood.

    Nice little piece were Grand Theft Auto series art director Aaron Garbut talks to Eurogamer’s Tom Bramwell about GTA IV's development.
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    PLEASE HELP my PSN games got deleted!!!

    You must have downloaded them under another account, same thing happened to me, all my shared PSN games became unavailable when i deleted the actual account that i used to share them with, remaking that account fixed the problem.
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    Condemded 2 demo now on XBlive

    Its here people...Condemned 2 demo on up on Xblive...740 meg...Get it while its hot.
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    CryENGINE 2 Engine console tech video.

    Well judging by the video it does look good, although i will hold off judgement until i actual see something other than a video.
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    New 360 products announced.

    Looks good..........i have ordered the wireless helmet and the Vintage edition xbox....
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    XBlive MP 2100 points £13(UK)

    One for the UK 360 owners....Tesco are doing 2100 Ms points for just under £13....nice bargain there, at that price i can buy the new COD4 maps seeing as i will be basically be getting the maps for nothing as most places charge £17+ for 2100 points....:D...
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    Army of Two demo coming to XBlive april 1st

    It seems that the Army of Two demo will be hitting XBL on April 1st as well as some other nick nacs... [/LIST]
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    Halo 3 Heroic Map Pack: Now FREE FOR DOWNLOAD

    The heroic map pack for Halo3 is now available to download for free from XBLive MP (488 meg)... Get it while its hot.
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    360 degree Airbus A380 cockpit

    Nice little 360 view of a A380 cockpit.....I love the tail camera monitor.
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    Mass Effect...WOW.

    I just got Mass Effect yesterdasy and WOW....i mean WOW....its like being in your very own Sci-fi movie, really jaw dropping stuff.:grin: Why have they not released a demo of this game, its amazing.
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    Infinity Ward Help disabled gamer...

    Found a nice little story on how infinity ward in their last update for COD4 included a special button layout for disabled gamer Randy "N0M4D" Fitzgerald, nice little story and great too see gaming devs like IW doing stuff like this...
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    720p/1080i/1080p made simple.

    Found this nice little video explaining the mysteries that are HD resolutions.....Very interesting little video.
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    Rumour...60GB Xbox to Replace 20GB Model Make of it what you will......but if they are going to make the rumored 60GIG the same price as the present 20gig pack then i say great.....more HD for the same as the present premium pack is...
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    F***king ben affleck..Please delete....

    Already posted....Thank you.
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    Interview with John Schappert..18 mill 360 sold and no plans for a BR add-on.

    I very interesting interview with John Schappert... Its 3 pages but a intresting read...but it look like MS got their fingers burned on the HD_DVD.
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    New Indiana Jones trailer 4 trailer.

    Everybody loves the Indy movies, and here is the latest trailer.....looks good.... (I tried to embed it but it would not play ball)
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    PGR4 new In Game Content now on XBLMP.

    Two new download packages for PGR4 are now up on XBL.... Free Challenge Pack...Free. Download the new Free PGR 4 Challenge Pack from Bizarre, and you'll drive the hydrogen-powered 2007 Peugeot Flux, winner of the 2007 Peugeot International Design Competition. Plus, you'll get two new game...
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    PS3 locking up while using browser..

    I have had about 4 lockups while browsing via the PS3 in the last hour, never did it before and was 100% stable before so i cant imagine whats changed.........anybody else suffering from this, played a bit of Moterstorm and no problems so it looks like a very unstable browser for some...
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    Disc of Tron

    Disc the Tron is now up on XBLA, comes in at 50meg and will set you back 400MP.... I remember this way back when it first came out in the arcade and its big ass stand in cabinet.....Loved it then and for 400MP i cant really say no.:D It also offers two versions, the original looking version...
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    Demo: Frontlines (Multiplayer Demo) now on XBLMP.

    The mutilplayer demo is now up on the MP(1.11gig).....get it while its hot.