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    Vita Games on PSN to be 40% Less than Retail?

    If they do this the retailers will be pissed and in the end just not stock the games, sadly the retailers still got all publishers by their balls.
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    E3 Silent Hill: Downpour Surprisingly Good Looking Footage and a hands on preview from destructoid.
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    Possible delay of games?

    Saw this from a lionhead dev on their forums and thought it was interesting, could easily have a effect on ps3 games development with both the DDOS'ing of psn and now sony having it completely offline.
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    Need help deciding which PC

    Alright so I decided to finally get into pc gaming again and been researching a bit, this is the computers I can afford and I would love to hear your opinions on it and point out if there is anything that you think is wrong with it (seriously I am a dumbass when it comes to hardware). Any...
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    Battlefield 3 trailer

    Doesn't show too much but the little they show looks so good.
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    New Killzone 3 Trailer! I'm not really sure on this to be honest, I liked the online in Killzone 2 and the campaign when it was just about shooting stuff but the writing was terrible and the story felt dull all the way through and this trailer feels the exact same. I...
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    White Knight Chronicles 2

    Site opened.
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    New horror game Eden (Game based on antichrist)

    I was really surprised to see it wasn't posted anywhere other than danish sites as the news are months old. Morten Iversen who also worked on the hitman games is the director of the game, it's based on the very controversial movie antichrist by Lars von Trier. The game starts where the movie...
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    Design my band a logo

    First of all i'm sorry if this is in the wrong forum, wasnt sure if every request should go into the "Sig/Avy Requests" forum. Anyway we could really use a logo, i'm ok with photoshop but i just have no good ideas for this at all, really it could just be some good looking text. The name is...
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    Photoshop Disasters

    This site is pure gold.
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    The biggest and best fails

    Some of this is just amazingly stupid. YouTube - The Best Of FailBlog YouTube - Best of Failblog part 2 JUST LOOK AT THAT HORSE
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    Worst Band Ever Is Finally Here

    Someone linked to this on GAF... Seriously what the **** is this ?! YouTube - Attack Attack! - Stick Stickly (Official Music Video) 2:46... ?!?! I am out of words.
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    Pro Evolution 2010 Screens and Video

    The trailer : Maybe finally a good PES game on this gens consoles ? Lets hope so. Looks kind of bullshotted.
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    Stalin vs. Martians. Best trailer ever.

    Man this game looks awesome. YouTube - Stalin vs. Martians Trailer
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    Cry Engine 3 video

    Engine for ps3 and 360... Not too impressed to be honest, think crysis looks better on my not so new machine. Anyway the lightning is pretty damm good.;jsessionid=se1ipkjr9o35
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    SCE Announces PhyreEngine 2.40(PS3) with new games

    San Francisco, March 23, 2009 – Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) announced today that PhyreEngine™ 2.40, the latest version of the popular games development framework, has been released to PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3®) game developers and publishers, capping a successful year since its initial...
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    10 Resident Evil 5 Screenshots

    Well i didnt see this anywhere so here it goes : I can understand you mess up a texture and map it bad but release a screenshot showing it like that ? :D The first 6 are from the intro.
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    Mini Ninjas - New game from IO (Hitman, freedom fighters, kane and lynch)

    Doesnt look bad and as long as they are still working on hitman 5 i am happy. :)
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    Eurogamer hands on Killzone 2

    Didnt see this posted anywhere, pretty good and positive read.
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    My random photos

    (roskilde festival 08) Cant help but post this of my dad... I really didnt see the background before after the photo was taken... It's like in horror movies when they see ghosts in a photo after it has been taken. :snicker My beagle, it actually played with the bird and licked...