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    Zombies "FIVE" and shi no nanana

    Helllo ;) i have started this thread because im sick to death with playing zombie "FIVE" and the other one :lol: cant remember what it is called...... ( Kino Der Toten ) with such Noobish and dam silly people that dont know what they are doing!! so basicly i just wanted people to join up...
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    i was just wondering if any one on here plays World War on the iphone -touch?? :D
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    Homefront ......

    i know this game isnt out for a while but i thought id post a few little bits about the game. should be pretty bad a** Homefront is...
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    Black ops info ........ You may already know

    Single player Missions To date we have 4 campaign missions confirmed: Payback - Mission will feature a player-controlled helicopter, a Hind. Slaughterhouse – Set in Hue City, Vietnam during the Tet Offensive. Mission highlights include a SPAS-12 shotgun with Dragonsbreath Ammo (see...
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    CAN NOT CONNECT TO GAME SERVERS! ....... ( blur )

    it seems to be a big problem atm.. is any one on psu having the same issues as me? is there anyway to fix it or just need to wait untill they patch this?? ill add that the demo works fine for me to.. i can get into game with ease!
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    bfbc2 - the real weapons :) MODS PLS DELETE! ty

    AK-107 (AEK-971) AKS-74U Krinkov (AK-74U) AN-94 FN F2000 FN SCAR-L Mk 16 Mod 0 G3 HK 416 M1 Garand M16 M1A1 Thompson Steyr AUG XM8 XM8C Compact Explosives Anti Tank Mine (generic) C4 (and similar) Hand grenade (generic) Grenade Launchers...
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    get ready for BFBC2s new mode "ONSLAUGHT"

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2 brings Onslaught as as the game reaches 5 million <LI class=avatar> BY: Bazajaytee POSTED: May 12, 2010, 12:18AM COMMENTS: 411 (Login Required to Comment) Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has officially exceeded 5 million units sold world wide. Thanks to everyone who has...
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    BFBC2 wepon news ( G3, MK14 ) !!should b in the bfbc2 thread!!

    Where are my G3 and Mk14 Optics?? Why were All Kit optics removed? Tests internally and with playtest groups showed that when equipped with the 4x Rifle Scope these All Kit weapons functioned similar to the Recon kit's weapons. Removing these optics preserved the distinct combat roles of each...
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    should Battlefield Bad company 2 have its own sub-forum??

    as title says?? i think we really need one ASAP!! :D
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    anyone else sick of mw2??

    ?? im sick of it everywhere you turn you get shot in the back or your getting sot from the skys!!:bang: plus people are just camping EVERYWHERE!!!!! god its annoying!! went back and played waw and it was sooooooooo much more fun!!! YES IT WAS!!!! anyone else stopped playing??
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    did anyone get...?

    i havnt heard anyone mention them night vision goggles or the new fancy (ish) special adition controllers and headsets? did anyone even waste there money on them? what about the nv goggles? did they work or they fallen apart yet lol ?:dunce
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    Question for ppl who have mw2.( if your not to busy playing :)

    just a quick one,do you think i will like MW2 i only ask because i was never to keen on cod4 but i do LOVE waw? are the grxf the same or better thank waw?? thank you Mads
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    World at wars map packs now half price, ONLY IN NORTH AMERICA!

    why not the rest of the world too :(
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    Waw map pack 4 out soon? NOPE!!!

    who knows, im hoping it is but there hasnt been any news on the cod web site! i found this info, i would take it with a pinch of salt thou!!:snicker • Will take place in area 51 Nevada and will defiantly be the last map pack • As of now the Zombie Map name is undecided but, Rotäuger is...
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    YLOD- how can i get my game out??

    hey, my ps3 ylod last night :bang: very very annoyed indeed! im getting a slim today anyways but i really need to get my game out??!! how can i do this please? iv looked about but its all very mind blowing screws everywhere and so on.....
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    calling all [email protected] zombie fans

    as you know this thursday we will be getting the new zombie map which looks bloody amazin to be fair! anyways i want to get as many of you on my friends list so we can get get far and just have a good time! as you also no when you try and find a game it may take ages them you get put with...
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    any news on [email protected] map pack 2?

    hey everyone :) does anyone know if the maps are out yet? im only asking because last time there was so much bother!!!!! thank you mAdS :suspect:
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    (free) music coming to ps3 :)

    Thousands of Music videos on your PS3 for FREE! (VERY soon) Posted: 28 May 2009 05:59 AM PDT That’s right, we kid you not! At some point during the next few months you will be blessed with the mother of all music services direct onto your PS3, thousands upon thousands of music videos for free...
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    please could some1 make me a COD WAW sig :)

    hello all, im looking for a lovely new sig because as you can see mine is no good at all i tried doing it myself and.... its awfull :help i can offer you some SP :) i would like the call of duty world at war sign and the clan tag UOME somewhere in there too o and my psn name madmandem2...
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    operation flashpoint: dragon rising anyone intressted?

    iv seen a few bits about this gameand it looks pretty dam good!! :) General Features Operation Flashpoint 2 gives players the freedom to handle military crisis situations on their initiative. Unscripted missions task players with real objectives, such as laying down covering fire, covering...