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  1. The_One

    PS Vita 3000 mAh battery MOD by Simonius007

    Did you remove the battery from an existing Samsung Note 4 phone? Or you bought an after market battery and put it in the PSV? Speaking of which, what's the little plastic piece (micro-PCB with some resistors?) to the right of the battery?
  2. The_One

    PS Vita 3000 mAh battery MOD by Simonius007

    So that's a ~40% increase in battery capacity (default is 2200mAh). Not too bad. Did you perform a battery life test before the swap, and after? The main issues I have with aftermarket batteries is that they seldom live up to their rated amp-hours...
  3. The_One

    Forgot how awesome...

    Wow, didn't realize they finally ported XCOM to the PSV... I've been looking forward to that game for years, but now that I got XCOM2 for the PS4, I don't really care to buy the original for the PSV. Plus, my PSV's OLED screen is completely cracked on the inside (not a scar on the outside...
  4. The_One

    What are some PS Vita games with a really good story?

    For those of you who recognizes me, hello! Long time no see ;). For everyone else: hello there! Anywho, I have the PSV in my Amazon checkout basket, but not sure what to get with it. Right now I have the following in the cart along with the Vita: Gravity Rush Zero Escape - Virtue's Last...
  5. The_One

    PSV Release Date Rumours?

    I highly doubt Sony has even communicated the release date to any retail outlets, so any "leaks" you're seeing now are probably tentative dates at best, Sony still has quite a while to decide when to finally release it. Epic lulz... You do realize that the vast majority of the cost for...
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    Excellent PS Vita INTERVIEW!!!Covers almost all our Questions and doubts.

    People don't seem to be having problem browsing the web on their smartphones with "only" 256MB of RAM, or sometimes even less. Sony needs to grow a brain and license Opera's browser (like Nintendo has done) instead of using that pile of crap Netfront browser made by some no-name 3rd rate company.
  7. The_One

    Sony To Sell Vita At A Loss For 3 Years

    I'd take Kaz's words over the words of a single-region VP. In short: Kaz is probably right, and the PSV will be sold at a loss.
  8. The_One

    Uncharted NGP bridges story between first two PS3 games

    EDIT: My bad, yeah, it does take place before the first Uncharted game. Could be his first adventure, in that case--I hope we'll get to see lots of Sully, since he's supposed to be coaching Drakey :).
  9. The_One

    Sony To Sell Vita At A Loss For 3 Years

    I don't think Sony has a choice on this matter. They've learned from PSP/PS3 that horse power alone won't win. But if you have horse power AND price point, you can certainly tip the battle in your favour... ;)
  10. The_One

    Uncharted NGP bridges story between first two PS3 games

    What did you think about the PSP version of Syphon Filters? They made that too. I personally thought PSP Syphon Filters was very good. Never played Resistance: Retribution, though, so I can't comment on that.
  11. The_One

    NOW whos getting one on day one?

    Yes, AT&T is not the only carrier, they are not an international company. On the other hand, in the United States of America, AT&T IS the only (a.k.a. the word "exclusive") carrier for the PSV.
  12. The_One

    Your most wanted PSV game right now

    Ditto. Gravity Daze looks like a frickin' epic Steampunk-ish action platformer with an awesome twist :). Uncharted, while I'm sure is going to be a great title, we already have the PS3 version coming... So I'm not super hyped for that one. On the other hand, the Killzone title looks somewhat...
  13. The_One

    Vita games to be 40$? (Gamestop's prices)

    Most of these titles are either published by Sony or are first party, which are always $10 cheaper than 3rd party titles. So yes, $40 for first party Sony games is HIGHLY likely. Expect $50 for third party games, however (since they have to pay ~$10 royalty to Sony, they charge the consumers...
  14. The_One

    I'll only buy Vita if.....

    Then you better have $250 ready for the holiday seasons, since Capcom already showed off Monster Hunters running on the PSV.
  15. The_One

    Excellent PS Vita INTERVIEW!!!Covers almost all our Questions and doubts.

    I understand the concern over the lack of built-in storage, but why would you care about the amount of RAM in the machine itself? It's clearly beastly enough to hold its own in the mobile space, AND it also supports cross game chat (which means either: The OS memory footprint is significantly...
  16. The_One

    80023102 Error when trying to purchase PSN+!

    Seriously? SERIOUSLY?! SERIOUSLY?! :bang: Okay, I know it's the first day of release, and I'm sure everyone is hammering your server left, right and center... But c'mon, lets get real--I can't even fund my wallet to purchase your Flagship new subscription service? Ugh. Anyone else...
  17. The_One

    How to pack a PS3 for a plane?

    I'm sure SOMEONE here must've had to move with a PS3 packed for a plane, ya? I'm heading over to Waterloo, Ontario from Vancouver, BC to work for RIM (practically flying across the country, it's a 5 hour plane trip, IIRC). Yes, I got a RIM job (Hehehe, pun intended :lol:). But in all...
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    The ultimate revenge on anyone's Ex

    :snicker Watch
  19. The_One

    You've never seen a XBox 360 20GB eBay for this price IT'S OVER 3000?!?!?!?!
  20. The_One

    Uncharted 2 "Back to Back" The Tournament -- Competitor's Lounge

    Chat with your fellow competitors or would-be competitors, as well as find potential partners to enter the "Back to Back" tournament! Wondering what this thread is for? Read this! (To those wannabe-Mods, yes, I already obtained permission from the Admin to have TWO threads dedicated to the...