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    Japanese developers, is that it?

    The sad thing is that it's a wonderful piece of technology, but it isn't getting the support to allow it to compete. The portable market is run by cell phones and tablets these days for better or worse. I too did not get a Vita (parents got me an iPad 2 last Christmas... which is awesome for me...
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    Finally, a Vita Commercial! Did you catch it?

    They need a full on advertisement that shows off a ton of games and all the cool features that are unique to the Vita. They need to make people want the Vita instead of just assume they want it. I'm sure this is just for the Taco Bell thing. Anything beats the awful launch commercials PS3 had.
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    bigC's Art Thread

    bigC's Art Thread Hey guys, I recently started doing some digital painting and I'm trying to get better. Here I will post anything I feel is worth sharing with you guys. I was going to just upload all of my work from over the last few months but I decided that it would be a bit overwhelming...
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    bigCman123's Art Thread

    Ahhhhhhhhhh! Mods please delete this thread. I guess it was accidentally submitted last night. :(
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    Uncharted: Golden Abyss to have longer SP campaign than UC3!

    Well, Naughty Dog spend a really long time perfecting the big set pieces we see in Uncharted 3 so I'm sure that had a hand in it. Also there was a bigger focus on MP this time. Also, I'm sure ND splitting into two teams had some effect on it. I'm sure Golden Abyss will have more in common with...
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    New METALGEARSOLID Website and Rising Podcast Here is a link to a Kojima games podcast about Metal Gear Rising, I'm downloading it now so I haven't listened to it yet. [EDIT] The opening song is really badass, reminds me of MGS4 but it's not, I bet it's from Rising. Oh, wait it's the song from the...
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    Vita Selling Out In Japan

    While this is true, it really hurt the PS3 when they ran out of stock after its release. I know people who wanted a PS3 but got a 360 instead because they were available. Heh, I remember the huge rush it was when I first got my PS3... Man I was excited, and in eighth grade... Wow time has...
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    First PlayStation Vita Games Priced

    Yep this is what I plan on doing. We'll see how strong the hype train gets when PS4 is announced. PS3 should keep me content until the next gen starts hitting it's stride (around a year or two after release).
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    inFAMOUS 2 - Evil Ending Discussion *SPOILERS*

    THIS THREAD IS FOR EVIL ENDING DISCUSSION ONLY! DO NOT POST SPOILERS FOR THE GOOD ENDING, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Okay so lets start the discussion. For me the evil ending was sadder than I expected it to be. I knew that Zeke was going to die and that I would pretty much be responsible for...
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    New Resistance 3 Trailer is Epic YOU ARE THE RESISTANCE... I bet we'll see more once Sony's Conference starts. I really like how IG going to make Capelli a protagonist that we'll really care about, and give his mission more weight and meaning by incorporating his family. Also love...
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    *Video* NGP FULL Conference

    Resistance, Little Big Planet, Killzone, Uncharted, and the promise of many more amazing games due to Epic games supporting it with their engine! This thing will be amazing. The graphical quality is on almost on par with the PS3. This is my dream handheld.
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    Epic Unreal Engine NGP (PSP2) Tokyo Press Conference Demo

    That's spectacular @[email protected] I love epic games, they're pretty good at making kick *** engines. I can't wait to see the spectacular games being made on PSP2. It's a must have. Seeing how everything runs on the Unreal Engine almost, this will make it easier for developers to also put games on PSP2. A...
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    NGP Game Demo!!!

    Those games look awesome... Lol, this is more impressive than PS3 was at launch lol. I'm honestly just amazed at the quality, and this thing wont be launching until 2012ish. This is a must have, I don't know if I can't buy any more PSP games after watching that... I just feel like saving that...
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    Playstation Portable 2 - Will you buy one?

    I just saw a video showing Little Big Planet, Killzone, Resistance, and Uncharted on PSP2 and they all looked amazing (very similar to their PS3 counterparts). The PSP2 while likely release in 2012 so there's a good chance I'll have a job by then. I will buy this, I'm just not sure when. This...
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    Metal Gear Solid Rising Slicing Gameplay(Not the E3 trailer)

    I saw this for the first time today, so it's new to me, sorry if it's been posted before. This is sort of like a tech demo showing off different things you can cuts. The graphics are very impressive, and the physics are pretty amazing. I also believe the animations are more fluent compared to...