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    PS Store is overpriced?

    The price of psn games are too damn high! /runs away
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    Good Vita games?

    Sound Shapes?
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    No More Heroes Review and Discussion

    Review article I hope this is not a shameless self-advertising, but I just wrote a review on No More Heroes for the PS3. I think this game is open to a lot of different interpretations, and this is just my take on it. If you enjoyed the review, please visit again.
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    Cut The Vita's Price or Risk Failure - Bloomberg Article

    I think a more fundamental problem with the 3ds is more than just the price. I think parents are hesitant to buy this device due to its 3d capabilities. Although, I would agree that the lower the price of Vita, the more attractive it becomes.
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    PS Vita vs PSP: Looks

    Vita's sticks look better than PSP's nub, but everything else is too similar. Although from a purely looks perspective, I think the Go looks the best.
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    Sony NGP to be more 'affordable' and less 'investment heavy'

    Little consumer demand? I guess we'll see. And MW3/Fifa are software titles, shops never price their hardware to compete with software. And some Euro shops are already knocking off 3DS prices aren't they?
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    Sony NGP to be more 'affordable' and less 'investment heavy'

    I was not aware that PSP had that many PS3 ports. There are a lot of spinoffs but most people actually like that.
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    Vita's Library

    Joystiq reports that all PSN PSP games will be playable on the NGP. Also, if this is the launch line up, this would be the best launch lineup in recent history.
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    TPP: The Great World of Warcraft Debate

    Modern Warfare 3 information leaked on Kotaku LA Noire DLC shenanigans and the problem with reviews PSN is back up, well, most of it. World of Warcraft: a social platform or a game? An in depth analysis on the fundamental flaws of WoW a fresh perspective on the most popular...
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    A belated Portal 2 Review

    source My review of Portal 2. Summary: Portal 2 uses its most frustrating moments as an added value to immersion (remember: you are nothing more than a lab rat).
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    More original IPs and less console-to-handheld ported titles, please...

    You're kidding right Badman? I sense Dissidia in your words. I mean, prinny please. There are tons of Half Minute pleasures and many Brave Stories, like Jean d'Arc. If Legend of Heroes is not your cup of tea, might I suggest a Puzzle Quest like Lumines?
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    NGP Home Menu Captured

    Prefer the XMB. soz
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    Carrying Your NGP

    Don't worry. I'm sure the NGP will be able to fit in your purse.
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    Carrying Your NGP

    Enough to give women the right idea.
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    NGP camera features detailed? (use the Sun to illuminate the dark in Uncharted)

    Of course you do. F34R, have you ever liked anything Playstation related? lol. Whenever I read your post, it's always anti-Sony. But to respond to your response. This is just 1 single game's application of the camera for 1 particular mechanic. I don't see how this can get old if it only has 1...
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    Sony's NGP to Have 3D Functionality?

    I seriously hope they don't add glasses-less 3D. Seeing as how most people believe that it's one of the reason why the 3DS is not selling as well as expected, it's really not a smart idea to add it and pad more into that price.
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    Rumor: NGP to be called PS Vita, will launch with Uncharted: Golden Abyss

    if people are able to say "come play with my Wii" without adding "giggidy" in the end, then I'm sure people can get comfortable saying NGP or just PSP2.
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    Rumour: PSP2 Priced at $299

    Sony said they will be making a profit lol. But if it's $199, I will hump Kevin Butler's leg.