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    AC Resolution Held back to avoid "controversy"

    Haven't posted in awhile, and I searched this topic and didn't find it. Well as some of us heard Ubisoft decided to not put AC Unity at 1080p on the ps4 to avoid "debates". What do you think about this? Should ps4 games be held back because of the issues with X1's capabilities...
  2. J

    PS4 and Destiny bundle?

    Holy hell, that is going to sell like gangbusters! Can't wait for the beta how about you? So pumped for this game this year! what do you guys think?
  3. J

    Holy Hell!!!!! American Horror Story!

    Since Breaking Bad has ended, I have been deliberating on what show to pick up next. There are so many good ones out there, but I have a hard time keeping track of them all and limit myself to four only. So I decided to check out American Horror Story tonight, and WOW! It is so freaky and weird...
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    Holy Hell what a difference!

    So today I was running into issues with my launch edition of my ps4. lately i can hear the HDD clicking, and it seems to have been running quite sluggish. not only that, but the saved data of my games kept failing to upload to cloud and the updates for my games wouldn't install. so I decided to...
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    Ok tech guys, tell me if this would fix my issue

    I'm running a year old HP Envy m6 laptop (which is amazing btw) with Windows 8 installed. My wi-fi connection kept dropping out, and every time I would automatically "fix" it the troubleshooter would say "default gateway not found: fixed". it kept doing this every 5 minutes. out of my...
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    Pissed off mood

    Ever been in a pissed off mood for some reason but you can't quite put your finger on it? That is where I'm at right now. I don't know if I'm just having one of those days where everything I've been through the past year is catching up to me, or my body is just releasing some pent up frustration...
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    Holy Batman Battlefield 4!!!

    It is sad to say that as much as I loved what little time I had with Battlefield 4, I had to get rid of it yesterday. The glitches were too much and too frightening to say the least, the latter I'll explain in a bit. I am floored that as good as Battlefield 3 was, that Battlefield 4 was such a...
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    anybody playing warframe?

    I actually like this game! It's a little hard to get into at first as a lot of the stuff isn't explained (like mods and whatnot), but now that I've gotten a feel for it I like it! What do you guys think?
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    Console failure rates "Under 1%" should i re-iterate that this has been blown out of proportion, or is this just a cover up from sony's PR department? i believe the failure rate they state, as NONE of my ps4 owning friends have had any issues (the...
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    Anybody a Sons of Anarchy Fan?

    This is by far my favorite show, I've watched the first 5 seasons an unhealthy amount of time. anybody on here a fan?
  11. J

    Amazon is freaking awesome!

    I have been a very loyal customer with for quite sometime, and what they've done for me has been amazing, above and beyond what I expect a large corporation to do for their customers. So here is my story..... I emailed them asking about my pre-order on the ps4. I'm afraid that...
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    Post Conference thoughts

    i can't really comment on the vita because i'm not really a handheld gamer. im just excited as hell for the ps4 stuff though!
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    Any bowlers on these forums???

    I don't see a bowling thread, so I might as well start one. So, any bowlers here??? It usually isn't talked about much, but it is the most participated sport in the world. So tell me if you do bowl, what are your accomplishments? I ended last winters average with a 204, and I'm only two...