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    Very Simple request. (1300+ points)

    All I want is the heart in this picture changed to red. Ill give all my points and rep
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    Top 5 Games so far.

    What are your top 5 games so far. In this order. 1. GTAIV 2. MGS4 3. Saints Row 2 4. COD:WAW 5. Killzone 2
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    1000 SP and Rep for a simple touch up.

    1000 SP and Rep for anyone who can do this. I want this picture in black and white but with Nicklas Bendtner (The one heading the ball) In colour. In 1024x768 if possible. Cheers.
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    Your COD:WAW Kill Stats?

    What is everybody's kill stats? Mine is 300 kills to 436 deaths and a kill ratio of 0.69 Im level 19. I knoew this is not great stats but its an amazing improvement over COD4 when my ratio was 0.29.
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    Amazing. Honestly i gave it a go earlier and its amazing. Once i got past the bit where i was contemplating suicide instead of finishing the Konami/Game ID setup its an amazing game. Rivals COD4 and BF Bad Company.
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    Gamesmaster July Reviews

    Just incase anyones interested Multi Alone in the Dark 81% The Bourne Conspiracy 75% The Incredible Hulk 70% BF Bad Company 88% Civilization Revolution 80% Beijing 2008 52% (Damn i wanted to get this!) SBK 08 79% Smash Court Tennis 3 70% Top Spin 3 89% 360 NGII 70% Age of Cona 86%...
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    PSN Cards.

    Hi. Would anyone here who has a Paypal and Ebay account (For reliability reference) Kindly help me out. I need US PSN Card Codes and am willing to pay $60 for a $50 one. Why? I have a US Account and want to buy lots of Rock Band songs. If Anyone can help please PM me. All i need...
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    16.08.31 ** Spoilers**

    Yes after 16 hours 8 Minutes and 31 Seconds i completed Metal Gear Solid 4. A warning is that this post will contain Major Spoilers but will be well marked and in spoiler tags. My Positives The Gameplay throughout was excellent. The Story was amazing and is the best seen in a game. The Boss...
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    A Sincere Apology

    A couple of weeks back people may remember this thread. Let me say after 3 hours of MGS4 I WAS WRONG. The game is incredible. The gameplay,story,graphics and the AI is amazing. I am nearing the end of Act 1, i have around...
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    What Wii game should i get?

    I fancy 2 games for my Wii. I have not used it for ages so what games should i get? I own SMG Zelda and thats it. I love GTA Style games, FPS's, Racing games and Footy games. The obvious choices are therefore MP3,Mario Kart, PES 2008 and No More Heroes. But i have a few Q's. With...
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    Mass Effect.

    Is it a good port? I was thinking of getting it on PC.
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    3 Reasons GTA IV IS the best game ever.

    1. In just over a month i have clocked up just in the singleplayer 170 hours and completed the story 4 times. 2. I have not even started MP yet and that is another 200-300 hours. 3. When DLC comes out on 360 thats another 40 hours. I can see myself totalling 400-500 hours on this game and...
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    MGS 4 Gamesmaster Review

    97% Scans I uploaded. MGS 4 Review MGO Review...
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    Killzone 2 Preview from Gamesmaster.

    There Disapointed in it. Don't say there biased because they gave MGS4 97% Joint 2nd highest rated game ever. I was told to post this as i mentioned it in the Gamesmaster thread.
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    MGS 4 Gamesmaster Review (Includes Scasn 97%!!!)

    Quick Summary. 97% Best MGS Game. GM Loves Battiling the Beauty and the beast units The Octo Cam Suit Stealthily sneaking around the middle east. GM Hates The Odd Lengthy cutscene That It might be the last one! Graphics 91% Mind-Blowing attention to detail brought to spectular...
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    Incredibly Easy Project(No More than 5 mins 1500 points)

    For rep and all my points all i want is. That Ireland Flag pic. With this Celtic Badge in And in the White of the Flag underneath the celtic badge the...
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    MGS Series Average?

    Ive just played the 3 MGS games to completion and it seems to me. That the Gameplay is rather average. The story is great but the Gameplay lacks the GTA or COD spark. It seems to me MGS is a interactive movie. And seeing the MGS 4 Videos the gameplay looks poor in that. Im going to get...
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    How does this Desktop Look?

    Graphics card. 512mb 9600GT Mobo S775 CPU E6850 That totals £250 My aim is a Decent Gaming PC for under £500 So can you reccomend the rest of the stuff id need for £250? Cheers. BTW i dont need a Mouse,Keyboard Monitor ETC just the Rig.
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    Your 5 Most Anticipated/Overrated games.

    1.Banjo Threeie (The Banjo series is my 2nd favorite series after GTA) 2.Gears of War 2 (Gears ruled) 3. MGS4 (My first MGS) 4.Hei$t (Interesting Concept) 5.Mercenaries 2 (First ruled) Its a shame with the 360 tbh if it was not for Banjo and Gears i would of got ridden of it its annoying me...
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    How Lost will I be playing MGS4?

    I be playing MGS4. I have never played a MGS game before and i hear it has the most complex story spanning the series in any game. I cant wait for the game but im worried it may confuse me too much. Full title please next time, not cryptic stuff to force people into opening first. ~ Graham