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  1. Jabjabs

    Unreal Engine 5 Revealed! | Next-Gen Real-Time Demo Running on PlayStation 5

    Months late but hey, why not put it here! The Nanite tech they are showing off here is really astounding to see in action. Back when I worked on X360/Ps3 game engines over 10 years back now, I built a tech demo of a similar idea... only much slower on a much smaller model set and essentially...
  2. Jabjabs

    343 Industries responds to everything about Halo Infinite gameplay

    When it comes to these higher frame rates, I am always reminded of stupid processing latency of displays. That we can send data packets across continents faster than we can get an image out the back of a box and onto a screen a meter away is something that has always bothered me.
  3. Jabjabs

    Halo Infinite delayed until 2021 - no date given

    It will be interesting to see how this pans out. Microsoft tripped up with the X1 launch in multiple ways, one of the big ones was they were pushing out their big name titles that all felt a little bit under done/rushed. So waiting until they get is right is a good move... however... look at the...
  4. Jabjabs

    How long will PS3 online continue?

    I get the feeling that they will stay online for a lot longer than anticipated. I say this because a lot of content from Ps3 was ported over to Ps4 and will be compatible with Ps5. Provided there is no technical reason that would hold back the Ps4/5 network there is little reason to shutdown...
  5. Jabjabs

    So I finally got to play PS4

    It really varies from unit to unit and from the environmental conditions. In the summer mine is usually pretty good until the a CPU kicks into high gear. For instance in Doom; it is fine with any visual fireworks display it wants but as soon as more than 3-4 AI are present then the fans kick in.
  6. Jabjabs

    Xbox media playback to be enhanced (USB/DLNA)

    So this just happened...
  7. Jabjabs

    Sony to announce PSP2 in Tokyo on January 27 (

    Looks like they just got a bad picture form the screen, it's more likely a blend of two frames due to a long camera exposure. Other than that this machine is looking amazing! EDIT - Just announced that it will be able to play downloaded PSP games, that kind of reveals a little of the...
  8. Jabjabs

    Interview with Freeverse about Marathon on XBLA

    Here is a podcast with Bruce Morrison the lead developer at Freeverse software responsible for the port of Marathon to the 360, they discuss in depth the entire development process and what is actually coming to this title,what is different and what it's like to build a XBLA title. It's about...
  9. Jabjabs

    A some what 'unique' Ps3 demo Kiosk

    I figured this would make you laugh a little but down here some local shop chain decided to get a little creative on their Ps3 kiosk, it isn't quite what it looks like at first. :lol:
  10. Jabjabs

    45nm Cell in FY08/09

    Sony are already planning on shrinking the Cell processor down to the 45nm process late in 2008. The other news is that Sony could potentially be out sourcing the production like Ms does with it's chipsets...
  11. Jabjabs

    Blu Ray 200GB surface scratching tests.

    Okay while 200GB disc will never be used on Ps3 I figured I would post this out of just the sheer coolness of it all, plus many people can go "oooo" and "aaahhhhh" over it. Not directly Ps3 related but it kinda is at the same time. :???: Enjoy. 8) Big images are provided in the link...
  12. Jabjabs

    Wii PC interactivity (New video)

    Well shortly after Wii came out we saw the first video of the Wii mote being used in Half Life 2, while nice it lacked pointer functionality and was poorly implemented. Well now here is the latest attempt with full pointer and nunchuk capabilities in use. Enjoy. ;)...
  13. Jabjabs

    Pandemic Studios - "The PS3 doesn't have this mythical, untapped reservoir of power."

    All I have to say is, Oh dear. Pandemic studios are the guys behind Mercenries and Destroy all Humans, in this Round table discussion with IGN about the future of graphics they decided to make what one would call a bold claim. To be fair, they have never really turned out anything all that...
  14. Jabjabs

    The technology behind Crackdown

    Just goes to show that there is a lot more going on behind the scenes then you would think.
  15. Jabjabs

    Demonstration of the Wiimote playing Half life 2 on PC Okay I just this linked to me and I can confirm it is real since the Wiimote drivers are now available for WinXP. Just for your information it is just using the inbuilt tilt sensor and not the IR bar yet from what I can find out.
  16. Jabjabs

    4 million units this year and a stead flow of units

    Straight from the beasts mouth it's self.
  17. Jabjabs

    Metal Slug Wii controller demo

    Check out the controller demo for the new Metal slug, there is really something for everyone, they have really given you allot of choice in this. Great to see another developer thinking differently about the control system.
  18. Jabjabs

    Your Favorite Subways sandwhich

    Simple concept really, just name what sandwhich combo you like best form subway, GO! Personanly it's the Meat ball (nice and cheap) Hot chilli sauce Double cheese (Triple if I suck up really well) Onions & Jalapeno pepper Pure bliss! Now fire away I say.
  19. Jabjabs

    Article on Xbox 360 cooling and internals design

    I just came across this on, it's a basic run down of what went into the design of the cooling system and the build specifications. Intresting no doubt. I searched for this on the forum and didn't find anything so if it's old than I'm sorry. ;)...