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    Just need a simple question answered

    Hey guys, was only wondering about one thing. I made a new Facebook account but need all my friends back on my new account quickly. Now if I was to add 5 people from my other accounts friend list once every day then would that stop me from being blocked? Hate it when Facebook blocks me for...
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    My Opinions On Why Facebook Is Useful

    Many people try their hardest to put down Facebook, and state reasons as to why it is a poor excuse of a website and why it may be going 'downhill'. Personally, I think Facebook is a very good invention, and without it, the internet would mean nothing. "Why?" is the question that may be...
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    Just a question about name changes

    Are we aloud to have our name changed to a different one? Haven't been on this forum for a while so wouldn't know if things have changed around here.
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    3G isn't attracting customers.

    It's only one website. Doesn't mean it isn't attracting customers. Probably just means that less people use Amazon. We will just have to see what happens.
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    What was the hardest trophy you've earned?

    I didn't find any threads like this, so I thought I'd create one. Just simply add the hardest trophy you've earned, as a moment to boast about it :D My hardest trophy would possibly have to be Modern Warfare 2, Star 69 - Earn 69 stars in Special Ops.
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    Any Good Dance/Party Tunes?

    Hey, I was wondering if there are any good dance/party tunes that you guys may know of? I am listening to Cry Just A Little by Bingo Players (YouTube it if you wish) and I am looking for those type of songs. I have allsorts of songs on my Blackberry but their Eminem and all the usual stuff. Just...
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    Problems with the forum speed, anyone?

    It seems to me that the forum is running exceptionally slow. I am just asking if this is happening to anyone else, or just me? It is because of the hack which occured to PSU the other night, or is it a bug in the system? I myself, say that this is rather annoying, and if there is anything you...
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    Can anyone make me a YouTube background

    Is there anyone out there who can make me a professional looking YouTube background? If so, I need someone to have a go at this who is experienced with graphics and know what they are doing, as I want it to look really, really good like a BG like OpTic or something. It doesn't have to be like...
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    Subscribe to my YouTube - it will help a bunch Please subscribe to the following link. I am in association with OpTic Gaming because I am really good friends with them, and because they are all sponsored by Machinima, I recieved a message from Machinima on YouTube telling me that when I start...
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    Jailbreaking iPod Touch?

    Does anyone here have a jailbroken iPod Touch and if you do, did you do it yourself or get someone to do it for you, and do you know how to jailbreak them? I want to jailbreak my iPod right now, and I'm downloading Sn0w jailbreak for iPod Touch 4G version 4.0.1. I have a feeling I may encounter...
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    A Trophy Leaderboard Section

    I think a new section of the forum should be added called a "Trophy Leaderboard". Basically what it is, is that it will contain a trophy leaderboard of all the members on PSU who have the most trophies and what position they come in. I think this will be an interesting addition to the site, and...
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    My Xbox 360 is very annoying!

    Whenever I turn on my Xbox it starts up fine for a few seconds, then it comes to the part where the Xbox 360 logo shows, and it just stops there for like 2 minutes. Which is very long when you're not doing anything else but just waiting for the Xbox to turn on. When it gets past that stage, it...
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    A crappy sig from a newb!

    Ok, now I know how crap this sig is, but that doesn't matter. I'm just happy I managed to make my first ever sig I have ever tried to make proper, and that I now know for the future how to make better sigs and how to extract fonts and brushes to GIMP ect.. might get PS soon. But hey, no ones...
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    Assassin's Creed Sig & Avvy

    Can anyone do me a sick Assassin's Creed II signature and avatar please? I don't have any pics, I feel it would be better off if you use your imagination and suprise me. Thanks to anyone who helps :)
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    Let's create a FIFA site?

    I'm apart of a FIFA site called WWFL where we play games on FIFA and their are leagues like the Premier League, Championship, League 1 and League 2. I think it would be really cool if 2 people from here created a site like this so all of us from PSU and other sites could play games on FIFA and...
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    This site is really buggy

    A few bugs are starting to pop some more. Like for example if you go to the "Recent Posts" tab, it says some threads have had lots of replies, but no views. Now tell me this, how on earth can you have replies but no views?! You have to view the thread to reply :lol: Not really a big deal. Just...
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    Will those cool ranks come back?

    I really liked the old ranks with the stars and all. It gives a cool reason for posting. To gain more stars! Their not that significant, but I quite liked them. Any information?
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    Is it possible to call USA from UK?

    Hey everyone. I was just wondering if it is possible to call USA from UK and also send text messages to them. I went to a website which said you must dial 00 + 1 + (their area code) then their number. I am friends with Amanda Cosgrove and I want to phone her. I am going to meet up with her and...
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    What's the best Capture Card to make videos with?

    Hey, I'm looking into buying a Capture Card so I can create game videos and post them on YouTube. Can any of you guys tell me what is the best Capture Card to buy and how much it costs (in £s) please? Also, because I'm new to this entire thing I need to know if a Capture Card is all you need...
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    A cool PS3 website with free themes!

    I was on the internet on my PS3 around 5 minutes ago, and I came across a website which you can download free themes from onto your ps3 - and theirs 1000s of them and their all amazing! I downloaded one before and I have it on as my background right now, just to show you all that it is a...