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    Post Conference thoughts

    Killzone: Mercenary looks more fun to me then any of the previous console versions and the new PS4 one coming.
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    20 (Vita) Games, One Article

    Right, what was I thinking. Another game programmed to the lowest common denominator. Game Informer made a big deal about how Armature is a developer with a lot of talent and how they think the game is being handled well. I guess we'll see.
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    20 (Vita) Games, One Article

    In addition to the big exclusives like Batman and Killzone I am also looking forward to Terraria and Castlestorm which are two that don't seem to be on many people's radar. Also Dragons Crown.
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    App up the vita

    I too was hoping there would be more apps for the Vita. I had to take an inexpensive basic phone contract so I won't have a smart phone for a while. Back when I made the choice I figured I already had a Vita and it would help with that aspect. So far it has. The browser is much better then...
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    Forgotten Memories (horror)

    This looks good. From the look and sound of it I'd think it is a newer Silent Hill game. With SH and Resident Evil being handled so poorly recently this might be a good start for some decent survival horror. Good find, I'll be keeping an eye out for this one.
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    Ecolibrium - anyone doing the current online challenge?

    It wasn't easy and the next one will likely be even harder because players are richer and more established then ever. I figure you'll need top level animals in almost every tier and a biodiversity of 8 for a 70% points bonus. It helps to have plenty of animal tokens ready and plenty of...
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    Anyone playing Soul Sacrifice?

    It took a little time to get accustomed to the game. Then it was easy. Then I was cruising along making progress for a good while until BAM - I'm alone for the first time and face to face with a monster that can take half my energy with one hit. I was like what game is this I'm playing. Time...
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    Limbo for Vita

    Just a heads up if you already purchased Limbo for the PS3 it is free to download on the Vita. If you haven't played Limbo yet it is a good fit for the Vita and worth the money.
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    My PS VITA memory card is full!

    Yeah I have a 32 and have had to delete demos. I bought a lot of movies from the PSN store because it is just so convenient. I try to get cartridges of all the big games to conserve space.
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    Games included, what do you want to see at E3 2013, Vita owners?

    Have you played the demo of Terreria on the PS3? It is coming to the Vita this summer.
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    Games included, what do you want to see at E3 2013, Vita owners?

    A Dark Souls Vita title would be the best I could hope for, even if it is a smaller game then the new console version coming. I'd like to see that Bioshock game we were promised finally surface. A Final Fantasy game would be great. Really though I would just like to see any big RPG. A...
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    Freedom Wars

    The cartoony characters set against the more realistic world backdrop give me a FFVII vibe. So does the huge metal Bahamut looking boss battle. Looks interesting, nice to see the Vita getting some love.
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    Ecolibrium - anyone doing the current online challenge?

    I am currently in the mid forties, trying to hang on to a top 100 position to get the trophy.
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    Vita: Sony exec hints at plans to turn console around

    I can't really fault Sony for not trying to do a lot to make the Vita successful. One thing I would like to see is GOW Ascension for the Vita. On the PS3 Ascension is kind of "meh," but would have been a huge Vita release. When Call of Duty is given to a no talent developer, Bioshock...
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    Anyone playing Soul Sacrifice?

    I bought it on release day. I couldn't put it down at first, but after getting more familiar with the spells and tactics I have slowed down a bit. I like the presentation, and it is a solid game - but it isn't the robust RPG that I wanted and know the Vita is capable of handling.
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    COD WAW difficultly in MP - Harder then 4?

    For some reason I was pretty much able to dominate MP in COD4, maybe not every round but my KDR was very positive (almost 2.0). COD WAW is giving me a really hard time. My KDR is negative and although it is improving, I keep getting my butt handed to me. I play mostly core team deathmatch, as...
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    Mirrors Edge, whats the hardest part?

    To get the platinum, is the hardest part the time trials, or the speed runs? I have around 39 stars on the time trials so I think I can get the Still Counting trophy without too much trouble (athough it was a long frustrating road to get this far). I have 2 speed runs, and I need 7 more...
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    Pre-order to get a demo - doesn't make sense.

    The way I see it the guy pre-ordering the demo is the last guy you need to give a demo to. You already sold the game to him. Best case scenario he talks up how good it is, but worst case he hates it and cancels the pre-order. A demo could sell the game to someone who had no intention of...
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    Phantasy Star Portable demo - what did you think?

    It is on the PSP store now. I liked it. It may just be the RPG I have been looking for. I like real time combat and it was pretty decent. I never played a Phantasy Star game before. I tried both Star Ocean and Brave Story and didn't like them at all. This seems more like my kind of RPG.