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    My New 2011 build to get me back into PC Gaming! Suggestions welcomed! (AMD X6)

    Hey all, this here is my build that I hope will get me back into PC gaming. I haven't had a modern game worthy PC in years! Below is my current parts list. I will be doing mostly gaming and media/surfing. I started planning with a $800 budget in mind but it hasn't really ended up that way as...
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    GT5 to ship with blue console bundle (JAPAN only)

    It really is ugly. And only for Japan, so it doesn't really matter for most of us, but I hadn't seen it around.... I don't know whats up with the horrid blue? One would think a console scheme for a GT game would be quite stealthy looking?:roll...
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    Sony's Sr. VP of Marketing comments on GT5

    Let me just be the first to say: What the F**K? Speaking of LittleBigPlanet and SCEA’s holiday lineup. How do you feel about the holidays with the Gran Turismo 5 delay and the loss of...
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    Gran Turismo 4

    Hey guys, just started over on GT4 again since the whole GT5 delay thing, was just wondering if anyone remembered any of those races that were easy to use to make lots of credits fast? Thanks and + Rep...
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    GT5/Automotive Sig Request

    Yeah, so I need a new sig, If possible a GT themed Sig possibly using one of the photos from below somehow? I'll give all my SP and +rep...
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    Kaz and PD: Blowing my mind one day at a time... My god, even though it's not direct feed this looks awesome! I can't wait....
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    Looking for a new Verizon phone

    My handy dandy Storm 9530 is getting worn and slow so I'm looking to get a new smartphone for Verizon but I haven't looked into the new Verizon phone offering in a while (This is my second Storm ;)) - I want something with good e-mail and browser abilities Anyone have some phone...
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    Anyone familiar with Accounting? Need a little help..

    I'm taking an into Accounting class this quarter. Let's just say the teacher isn't so great... She keeps talking about "credit" and "debit" but in a different way from how I know the two words. Any idea what she is talking about? + rep for any helpful replies! :roll:
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    Looking for DiRT 2 players

    Hey guys, wondering if anyone with DiRT 2 would want to play online? I want to get the trophy where you win in a race online w/ 7 other people but I never get that many people in the room to get it. Plus it would be cool just to have people to race with. Thanks Add Me if you want to...
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    GT5 Menu screenshots displaying tuning features

    Off GT Planet, It's nice to see we'll be getting basically what we got in previous GT's.
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    I'm hoping my PS3 isn't about to

    SO. I have a 40GB fat console, I've had it a couple years now. Last year I took out the original 40GB hdd and installed a new 500GB hdd. I've had no problems with the console ever, but as of this week it has started doing some weird ****. The first time I noticed was when I put my Netflix...
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    What's up with Netflix?

    It won't work anymore! I turn on the console, pop in the Netflix disc, it acts like it's about to launch Netflix but it just goes to a black screen and freezes. Is it just me?
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    FM3 (Tunes)

    Just got on FM3 finally. I myself never played FM before and have also been a GT fan, but I have to give it up, it's a fun racer. Anyways, Check out my tunes, and I'll check out yours! bEEfLATsOULDJA
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    No music while browsing or XMB?

    I don't know what FW did away with being able to listen to music saved to my HDD while browsing or using the xmb? Is this feature really gone or I am just trippin'?
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    240z concept? My god, If Nissan were to release a 240z concept true to it's form.... It would be DEF be my first "new car" buy. I've always been a Z/Nissan NUT and this would just blow my mind. All these old cars being...
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    Stancework beauty.

    YouTube- 240 stancework Beautiful s13.
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    Anyone down for some SOCOM CONF. right now?

    Add me, bEEfLATsOULDJA Just need some cool people that wanna work as a team, play some socom...
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    Save SOCOM!

    Make you're voice heard to Zipper so that SOCOM 4 isn't another SOCOM: Confrontation! Inspiration: YouTube- SOCOM.COM APPROVED PART 1 (Part 1) YouTube- SOCOM COM APPROVED PART 2 (Part 2) ^Spread these around^ And feel free to watch the rest of SUKMYTURBANS videos bashing SOCOM and...
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    "There is '1' banned word in you're comment."

    Really? Can someone tell me what word is banned? Here is my comment regarding the news of Insomnia Games most likely going multi-platform in the near future: "They cannot afford to be exclusive, well not Sony exclusive, because Sony is NOT going to shell out millions to keep them...
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    Looking for some Tactical players to play MW2

    Hey guys, looking for some guys, OR GIRLS :p to play some tactical fun online on MW2. I am level 70, Prestige 10, but level isn't a big deal as long as you're pretty good. May start a clan depending on how this goes... My PSN: bEEfLATsOULDJA