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  1. oneJ

    Need a club. Have Legendary trophy.

    So in another thread I made it clear I'm not a huge fan of this game. However, I want trophies. I'm currently sitting on level 28, 3,422,728 points as of posting this. I have 100% of the tour trophies. I can't guarantee that I'll be available all time every time, but I want to race and get the...
  2. oneJ

    Outlast PSN

    I tried searching for a thread on this game but came up with zilch, sorry if I missed it! Who has it? What do you think? I liked the look of the trailer so I got it, and just started playing it. I don't know if I'm just becoming a pussy in my old age, but I keep "nope nope nope-ing" at every...
  3. oneJ

    Whats with this advert?

    Hey PSU staff, I get this advert/spam multiple times a day. Even if I'm browsing a site on a different tab, I'll get this dialog box I'll be forced to look at, will have to hit ok and get taken to a different website, then back out of it. And just before, while reading a thread, I was just...
  4. oneJ

    Sony 'struggling' to convince some publishers to back Vita

    I'm not one for portable gaming, really because I am never in a situation where such a console would come in handy. I'm not wishing failure against the Vita or any other future consoles, but I personally wish more effort and resources were put into home consoles.
  5. oneJ

    Sony in Big Trouble With PS Vita

    Why on earth did the author compare the Vita to the Amazon Kindle in terms of price? What have the two got to do with each other apart from nothing at all?
  6. oneJ

    Latest PSU Headlines

    Quite often the "Latest PSU Headlines" articles have quite long titles, sometimes I don't want to read the whole article, just want an idea of what it's about. I'm using the latest version of Opera, and am wondering if it's possible to bring up the whole article headline when hovering the mouse...
  7. oneJ

    Is "Zombies" getting too complicated??

    I absolutely love Zombies on COD. I would go over to a friends place to play it on his 360 and was truly addicted to it. I ended up getting a 360 so I could play online with him and a few other mates. (Yes I know this is the ps3 section) Der Riese and Shi No Numa are my fav maps of all time, and...
  8. oneJ

    Can anyone recommend me a good duty boot?

    So I'm after a pair of new boots for work, as my current ones, (Hard Yakka steel cap - biggest waste of money ever) have had it. At the moment I'm tossing up between: Rocky S2V Millitary Original SWAT SEK9000 Blackhawk Warrior Black OPS Boots Smith and Wesson SW28 I work in a prison and...
  9. oneJ

    Finally put up a shelf for my games and movies

    So I've been in my new house for just about 6 months now, haven't done much to it apart from getting a few bits and pieces, and a driveway which set me back $3500. Slowly getting the bank balance back up (living by myself) and decided to finally fill up a particular space in the house: Have...
  10. oneJ

    Something is wrong with my PS3, what would you do?

    Hey guys, I have a PAL Australian 60gb PS3 and have had it since launch. Last night after watching a blu ray I went to eject the disc and it didnt come out. I hit the eject button a few more times and I could see the disc trying to come out but seemed to be getting stuck on something. I...
  11. oneJ

    The stage is set, this guy has prepared for MotorStorm

    This is one crazy sand car! Video of it in action! 1200hp! Sorry if its a repost!
  12. oneJ

    Region Free Blu Ray player

    Here it is: The Panasonic DMP-BD30. All we need now is an update/hack/whatever to let PS3 users, (like myself) to be able to buy legit BRs from overseas and play them without worry.
  13. oneJ

    How to get back to the tutorials??

    Hey guys, The very first time I tried to make a level it came up and asked me if I wanted to go through the tutorials first. I did so, but I had to exit the game and go do other stuff shortly after. I'm now having trouble finding the tutorial option?? If someone could let me know how to...
  14. oneJ

    GTTV Help. Not needed anymore

    Hey guys, when the GT5P update downloaded and installed for me yesterday, I put money in my wallet and bought all available vidoes from the store, I left my PS3 on overnight to download them all. I come back, all videos are done except for Best Motoring 2008 - March Issue (1/2)... its just...
  15. oneJ

    Dead Space main charachter

    So Dead Space looks like an awesome game, I'm reading reports and watching the videos that are currently on the net, and the main charachters name Isaac Clarke keeps ringing a bell. However I dont know anyone by that name. BUT, something suddenly came to me. I and probably many others know...
  16. oneJ - Matrix Boxset up for pre order. Cheap! The Matrix/Matrix Reloaded/Matrix Revolutions [Blu-ray] [1999]: Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss, Hugo Weaving, Joe Pantoliano, Andy Wachowski, Larry Wachowski: DVD For all you region B people, I'd place your pre order now to get this dirt cheap! edit...
  17. oneJ

    New Grid update available. v1.02

    Well theres a new update for Grid, however I cant seem to find out what the changes are. Here is a quote from a dev on the codemasters forum, anyone noticed anything new? I was hoping for changes made to private online rooms so we can see what cars and tracks were choosing, but it...
  18. oneJ

    How many endings for GTA4? *Spoilers*

    I just finished the main story for GTA4, and am watching the credits roll by. I thought I would get a good/happy ending for Niko, but I was wrong. Wondering what other endings other people have seen? Any "happy" endings at all? I thought I was doing the right thing because I wanted to...
  19. oneJ

    GT5:P Update now available

    Just to let anyone who is interested know. The update is downloading for me now. I'm not sure what it does though, but will update thread when its finished. Edit: The main contents of this update is as follows: *Online play -The award of race credits are now allocated at a fixed...
  20. oneJ

    I got caught cheating on my GF. PLEASE HELP

    Last weekend I went out drinking with a bunch of old friends. After drinking for 6 hours non stop, I started talking with a girl I knew back in school. She was also pretty drunk(and has a boy friend), but one thing led to another and we found ourselves back at my place. I didn't really think...