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    In-Game Music, What Happened?

    Once Sony released the update for In-Game XMB it opened the way we play games, most importantly answering messages without leaving the game. Then there was In-Game Music, and the possibilities grew. Well, from what I'm seeing In-Game Music has become just another after thought with developers...
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    Good 1TB External HDD?

    Bought one off of eBay but the seller disappeared and I never received the 1TB HDD (really pissed). Anyways, I'm looking for one that is great, has great reviews, and works perfectly for the PS3 (I know how to format to FAT32). Thanks.
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    Ratchet and Clank Future: ACIT Trophies

    So if you got the game, how far along are you? I got 4 Clank Mission and 2 Ratchet Mission trophies. Got the 50000 bolt and some other trophies as well. As for the game, I'm searching every planet and moons for every Gold Bolt and Zonies. Just found the Tournament ship so I will be spending...
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    NBA 2K10 Draft/Career Mode

    Just got the game, and downloaded my player. I was projected 2nd round, 20th Pick to the Jazz. Well the draft started and the first round came and went. 2nd Round came and 5 picks later I was picked up by the Pistons. 2nd Round, 5th Pick. Didn't expected to go that high, but since the...
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    HDTV Setup Question

    Just bought a 32" LG Class/1080p/120hz TV. I want to get the maximum out of it. How should I go about setting it up? Thanks and +rep. for the help.
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    2009-10 NBA Yahoo! Fantasy (Sign Up Now Open)

    **Please do not merge this with the other one since it died a long time ago. Delete the old one and add this to the sticky...Thanks** Yahoo! has opened up their NBA Fantasy League, and I would like to see who wants to join in. The great thing is that this year, Yahoo has made Stat Tracking...
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    Madden NFL Trophy Hunt/Guide Updated

    SThese trophies can be had in a few different ways. 1) Straight forward without boosting. 2) Boosting: ---a) Adjusting Sliders (Fumbles/Penalty Sliders) ---b) Adjusting specific player sliders. 3) With 2 controllers ---Do not ever during the game or start of the game be on the same team...
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    Death to Multiplayer and Collect (....) Trophies

    Multiplayer seems fine until you get to a certain few trophies that require you to go above and beyond your time and patience. I understand if you love the game trophies do not matter, for example Killzone 2 for me. Loved online and didn't really care, and the trophies just came naturally by...
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    Sony/Playstation Credit Card

    Anyone have it? I have a Visa and American Express Blue card. Most of my purchases go onto the Visa card which I think earns Airline Miles. I really don't travel much, so my brother uses the travel miles I earn. I'm interested in the Playstation card and want to know some facts. - I know its...
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    PSN Store Freezes

    Every time I exit the PSN store now the system freezes. Started happening right after the update, so don't know if it is the update or just my system. Anyone else having this issue?
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    North American Trophy Clan

    We all know online trophies are a pain in the arse, but how about we try and make it easy. Well this is not really a clan, but a place where we get to know each other and see if our times match up so we can go online and get those trophies. This way we won't have to create thread about...
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    Wanted: Midnight Club: LA Online Players

    I've done 2 of these type of threads and gotten plenty of help, and helped others achieve Platinum. Online trophies are the hardest to get so to make it easy I like to set up these type of threads. I need help on all of the online trophies for MC:LA. Sign up here and I'll add you, or you can...
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    2009 and Trophies Still in Question?

    Just looking around at threads and other sites and people are still questioning trophy support for games. Just a few mysteries: 1) When will trophy support be mandatory? -If we are still questioning or wondering then nothing has been said, and we will be waiting for patches (if any). I want...
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    Platinum and PSN Trophy Ranks

    How this will work. There are a few categories: - Hardest Platinum - Easiest Platinum - Most Frustrating/Annoying - The Funnest - Most Rewarding - Time Consuming - Tried But Will Never Get (anyone can answer) What you will do is list a game THAT YOU HAVE PLATINUMED (not working on) and put it...
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    Mercenaries 2 Co-Op partner needed

    Anyone up for it? I just need 3 trophies on Co-Op. -Win a race -200 objects destroyed from the gun seat -20 airstrikes. (Hear this one is glitched and take weird thing to unlock). +rep for help, and if you need them too than its a bonus. Just add me, or reply here and I'll send a message...
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    Sick and tired of R2 Matchmaking for Skirmish and (version of CTF, "Core Control"?). The two modes are almost unplayable. I can't stand the game putting 5 players on one team, and 3 on the other (and so on). When this happens people drop out, and mostly I'm the only one left standing. I don't...
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    PS3 Headset Dead?

    Bought the headset a week ago. After charging it, I used it and it worked great with the PS3 and my Cell. For 3 days it worked perfectly. Now it won't turn on. I charged it, and held the button for a long time, but nothing. Any one else have this issue or idea before I call Sony up. Thanks...
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    LBP: Episode 2

    Just looking at the Playstation site and I saw this. Could not find if it was posted already, if it has been than just delete. Loved the "Epic Fail" part. Sorry, tried to embed, but it didn't...
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    Mercernaries 2: Trophies [Euro Patch Out] Good to see. Now I may get it.
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    LBP Big Billboard/Big Problem

    Just saw a Billboard with Little Big Planet on it. First thing that came into my mind was, great to see it, but as I looked at it a little harder I saw a major problem. [Saw it while driving on 405 S., right before the 710 freeway] My second thought was the PS Logo and the "Only on Playstation...