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    flow update with trophies

    Out now! Zen Leave game on idle in the end of credits for 30 minutes. Beauty Complete any campaign without being hurt. Peace Complete any campaign without eating anything. Swift Complete any campaign within 120 seconds. Adventure Start the first campaign after installing...
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    PS3 Slim Issue

    I just recently bought a slim to replace my 80GB, so it's only 5 days old. When I turn it on and don't immediately start using it. Like I just turn the system on and walk away for a moment- once in a while the system freezes and no longer gives a video signal to my TV. I know it's not the TV...
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    Uncharted 2's actual box art

    The PS Blog showed the wrong cover design- in the blog it shows a red band at the top spine like your current PS3 games. Whelp here is what your game will really look like. (I figured some might be OCD about covers like myself) the error made my PS's blog:
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    Tornado Outbreak- IGN: 8.1

    I saw this on a shelf at a local video rental store, never heard of it before but after reading the review and finding out it's from old Sucker Punch Developers and is $40..might get it! Here is the review here, so far no other sites have reviewed it
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    Buzz Quiz TV Online Play/Trophies

    Just picked this up dirt cheap at Best Buy and loving it, especially my gf surprisingly lol! Anyways if anyone wants to finish getting their online trophies and such add me 'Jrod87', the online community is basically dead so I want to play some people! :D
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    Anyone worried about Sony's Holiday performance?

    I hope this takes any doubt away, I snap this shot at a Target in Metro Detroit- you know..that area that's been hit the hardest by the economy? People are eating up the Slim and the Holidays haven't even started. ;-)
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    Lost Planet 2 PS3/360 Comparisons- Title change for whiners!

    Once again Capcom fails to even make the PS3 version looks decent.
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    NHL 2010 Players

    Anyone have any preferred Game sliders? Out of the box the game is ridiculous on it's standard settings. I know there was an updated tuners and it's downloaded but I haven't seen a difference at all.
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    Anyone pick up Katamari Forever?

    The demo was really fun and brought back that original Katamari Damacy feeling. I looked online and it came out to the states not too long ago-defiantly few under the radar. Wasn't much hype or advertising for this at all! It's $49.99, I'm going to have to get it soon- I wonder if the trophies...
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    Anyone for some NHL 2010 Trophies?

    Just picked up my copy if anyone is interested in getting most of the trophies online send me a message! PSN: Jrod87
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    Toys'R'Us Trade In Value Site!

    For those looking to trade their games in at various locations I STRONGLY recommend do so at Toys R Us. I found their Trade In side that will show over 10,00 games and give a value to each of them. At out TRU, Gamestop and Game Crazy TRU has the best value.
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    Free Xbox 3 Month Kit w/Purchase of NCAA 2010

    At Best Buy, North America only. Must be a Gamer's Club Member, which is a free membership. Figured I'd share this with you all since it is a great deal. Free 3 months, headset and 400 points! :p Once you're a member go to the Gamer's Club site and print out the coupon.
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    ATTN: Pepsi Drinkers and Non-Rock Band Owners

    If you guys (NA Gamers) be suckin' down on that nasty Pepsi or it's off products like Mountain Dew and don't own Rock Band, I'm offering SP for each code given to me. Each code under the yellow caps can be redeemed for a downloadable song for Rock Band. So if you don't have the game but have...
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    What's the point of Installs if the game still runs slow?

    Playing MLB 09: The Show a lot I notice how ridiculously long it takes to load the game, even with it's 5GB Install. Same with basically any other third party title (Capcom) that has it, sucking up memory while taking away your time. InFamous is the ONLY game I've seen that has jsutified a...
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    "349/350 Shards Collected" Grrr..

    I've gone about trying two different maps for each island to see if I've missed a shard. I've crossed out each one as I ran by to see if I've collected it or not. So frustrated that I cannot find the last one, I feel like I'm playing Crackdown again trying to gather agility orbs! Word of advice...
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    InFamous District Bug?

    Ive completed Neon 100% and was on the last district of Warren but I cannot for the life of me find the side mission that ties in with it. Hidden Package? I don't know but I've ran circles around the area trying to find enemies to kill to trigger a HP Mission or anything. Nothing is working so I...
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    Infamous/Uncharted/God of War Sig- 4000 SP

    Looking for a sig features Cole from inFamous, Nathan from Uncharted and of course Kratos from God of War. I'd love it to not be the usually clear cut signature that has edges and borders-similiar to mine is what I'm asking. Asking that the main idea of the sig have a grunge or splattered paint...
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    Lost Subscription Status?

    I logged in just now to find out I won an Uncharted 2 Beta code which is great but I also went to browse the Subs Chat and couldn't find it. Then went to look at a previous post of mine and found the Subscription Gold Bar went missing under my avatar yet in my User control panel it says I have a...
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    Listen to the Reviews, Avoid Bionic Commando like the plague.

    I wanted to give BC a chance. A chance that hopefully I could ignore the negative reviews and just enjoy a solid third person platformer with some action to it. Wrong. Biggest bust in recent gaming history, Capcom if you plan on revamping a classic please try harder. The sound is something out...
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    Rag Doll Kung Fu FREE right now!

    Log into your US PSN accounts and start downloadin'! No catch to it whatsoever just a partnership between Sprint and Sony for marketing I assume. I only had 1 something in my account and it's halfway done downloading, so free is free!:cool: It's good until next Thursday! (For those that live...