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    Any word on external hard drives?

    PS4 doesn't support external hard drives unfortunately and my PS3 was set up as our media hub to watch TV shows and Movies through copying to the HD and view on PS3. Has anyone heard any rumblings about this being added later or any news on the situation currently?
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    Didn't Sony say PS3 headsets would work on PS4?

    Maybe I am just messing it up somehow but my PS4 is not recognizing my Wireless Stereo Headset. I saw something online that said 1.50 would fixing gaming headset problems. Anyone else having issues or found a work around?
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    Playstation Store Undergoing Maintenance?

    I have had an issue getting into the PSN Store for a couple days now and I can't find anything online about it undergoing maintenance. I get this "This service is currently undergoing maintenance." I have tried clearing my cache as that was pointed out on another forum about a similar...
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    New team sig please! Ok the new logo is out and I would really like an updated sig. I want basically what I already have but this time I want the new jets logo put on center ice instead of the old one...
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    Which Tennis Game Should I Get?

    I am really interested in playing some Tennis on the Move and I see that there is plans for 2 tennis games. Top Spin 4 and Virtua Tennis 4. So which one are you getting? Any news from those that follow the move a lot on which game will be better.
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    To Purchase or Not: A Canadian Gamer Questions

    Ok background first. I own a launch PS3 that for the last year and a half has seemed to be on its last life. The graphics tend to glitchy in all games as you play. For example when I play NHL 11 one guy will have a bright blue jersey with no name or number or logos and the rest of the team is...
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    Games That Make The Fans Go, "Wait, What IS This?" On top of these I don't get why some reviewers punish the games that stick to what works. There is a difference between improving a game and going away from what works. I agree all games need to step on the last game, but there is a limit. Games...
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    Why Gran Turismo 5 Is a Rightful G.O.T.Y Winner - PS3Extreme Personally I think the game deserves more credit then it got from the media. There were great games in 2010, and this game should be considered among the best.
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    Monster Jam: Path of Destruction

    Has anyone bought or played this? I have been wanting a Monster Truck simulator for a long time and most of what is offered is very arcade like with bad physics and stupid power-ups. What does this game offer for you? Is it a good title?
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    MKV2VOB Stuck at DTS to AC3

    I have an issue, I am trying to convert an MKV file to Vob for my PS3, and most of my MKV files work fine when converting. But my last effort to change some files has resulted in my program not going to "Muxing" and instead under status says DTS to AC3 and wont do anything. Any suggestion on...
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    PS3 Move It Remix Song Question

    On the demo disk there is a video called "Introductory Video to Playstation Move" (same one played at the E3 Sony Conference), does anyone know what this remix is called an who put it together? I would love to put that into my NHL 11 rink songs.
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    Already have a PS Camera? This is what I did.

    So this may be different in each region (I am in Canada), but what I did was traded in my existing camera and got the Sports Champions pack. The pack was $99.99 (Game, Controller, Camera) I got $17.50 trade in value on my existing Camera. (EB Games) Total Price was then $82.49 If I...
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    My Sports Team Request

    Hello Skilled Avi/Sig Makers :) I have come to your brilliance in need of assistance. I bow to your excellent talent and approach you today in the hopes that you may construct for me an avatar and sig to help me support the return of my beloved hockey team. Now that I am done kissing your...
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    An RROD Help Question

    Ok, so my 360 got the old RROD today. The problem is I dont have warranty left on it. I don't want to have to pay the $150 to get it fixed from Microsoft and was hoping to just repair it myself. Now obviously there have been people with this issue in the past but since I generally stay out of...
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    PS3 Screen Display

    You know how if you leave the display of your PS3 on default the color will change over time. Well today I turned it on and its a White/Yellow combination and I cant see any of my menu now. As a result I can't see the categories to change the display. Anyone else have this happen and couple...
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    NHL 10 Gold Medal Trophy

    Hey are there any NHL 10 players in here that are on an EASHL team that has won a gold medal in the monthly leagues. I am attempting a run at this platinum, but I need to get this trophy taken care of first. Sadly I only have one more month to try with the current PS3forums team because I am...
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    Can you help me find a power supply for my External HDD?

    Hello everyone! Thanks for checking out my question. I recently found my old external HDD however I can't find my power supply/cord that goes with it. I have looked online everywhere to find one but I don't even know where to start. The hard drive is a Zdata Diamond Digital 250GB External...
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    Quick HDMI Cable Question

    I recently got myself a new set of speakers and a receiver. With it I also picked up a Blu Ray player. I wanted to get everything hooked up right away and so I had to go out and get a HDMI cable for a couple bucks more then I could get them online (stupid, but I had to hook it up right away...
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    Download The E3 Sony Conference

    If you were like me and were not able to watch the presentation while it was on and instead just read blogs or checked here for the information that was given you were probably overall impressed by what sony had to say and offer. Even if not impressed there had to be something that made you...
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    PSN Down?

    Hey is the PSN down for anyone else? Me and my friend both lost connection, but checking if its my ISP or its the PSN