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  1. Aift

    FFXIII and Versus Will Use Full Specifications of the Playstation 3

    I am getting so pumped up and syked for this game... it just keeps getting better.
  2. Aift

    Review: The Orange Box [Zero Punctuation]

    You must watch this, this man is hilarious. Zero Punctuation's reviews are classics, please, just watch for yourself. This is Yahtzee's review of The Orange Box. Enjoy, I know I did.
  3. Aift

    In a little situation

    Okay.I am in a little jam...I have an XBOX 360 and a PS3. My 360 is hooked up to my TV through component cables doing 1080i. And a while back I decided I was going to hold off on buying HD cables for my PS3 until end of summer, now I am ready to buy component cables for PS3. My TV only has 1 set...
  4. Aift

    Become a Game Dev!

    Okay. Like some people that roam the wonderful PS3FORUMs site, I want to become a game designer, but I want to take things into my own hands and do some studying and research before I actually go to college and begin my full-time studies. Now, I want to do console development and maybe PC. I...
  5. Aift

    So you doubt Microsoft?

    You guys really doubt Microsoft. I know Microsoft has ALOT in-store for 2008, if they don't line up 2008 with some great titles they will let SONY and the Playstation 3 smoke them in 2008 and possibly overtake the XBOX 360. Microsoft has 3 confrences placed so close to each other they can't...
  6. Aift

    Want to become a Game Dev!

    Hey. Like alot of people around here, I want to be a game developer. I have tons of ideas for games I want to create in the future. What do I need to learn to successfully become a 3D game developer? Do I need to learn any speciific programming language? This is like a real dream for me and I...
  7. Aift

    Which Guitar?

    I want to learn the guitar. I've been wanting to for a while, but I am just now getting to it. I was looking at GuitarCenter's website and they have guitars in the price range of $50.00 - 150.00 and I was looking at those, I don't want to spend alot of cash on a beginner's guitar. I want to be...
  8. Aift

    What would you like to see in the 720?

    Now. Most of us are enjoying the XBOX 360 now, but what do you want Microsoft to do next time around that would perfect the gaming experience. What would you want the XBOX 720 to posses? It is a known fact that Microsoft is currently in the pre-development stages of the next XBOX experience...
  9. Aift

    Playstation 4 being revealed a little earlier than expected!

    . What are you guy's thoughts on this?
  10. Aift

    Building a New PC!

    I am building a computer and I have bought the parts already, I just want to get you guy's opinion on the specs! Here we go:
  11. Aift


    People, People, Please! What is wrong with this ****! Why must we create numerous threads on which console is better and threads bashing another console. If you feel you don't like a console anymore, fine, but don't bash it. We just feed the fuel for "Console War". Me and everyone elses knows...
  12. Aift

    Linkin Park - What I've Done(Full Song) What do you guy's think about this song? Personally, I love it, like everything else Linkin Park!
  13. Aift

    Gamespot Q&A with Hironobu Sakaguchi

    This is an interview with Hironobu Sakaguchi founder of Mistwalker and creator of Blue Dragon, Lost Odessy, and Final Fantasy... here is what he had to say to GameSpot: What are you guy's thoughts on what he had to say?
  14. Aift

    04 Codes

    Does anyone know where my friend can get cheat codes for NBA Live 2004. I know, its gay, I don't cheat personally, but I'm always doing favors:twisted: . Thanks Dudes!
  15. Aift

    New XBOX 360 Survey: Loads of new features/accessories possibly coming XBOX 360's way

    Certain Xbox Live subscribers got an e-mail today asking for their participation in a super long survey earlier today. Normally surveys like these are boring, there’s a reason certain companies pay you to fill them in, but this one was rather interesting. It asked participants how interested...