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    [OT] The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt

    The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt has been released 10 days early in the United Arab States, this version doesn't include the Day 1 patch which may lead to instability issues or bugs but as of yet no such things have been reported. This news comes from CDProjectRed Forum's coolio33 who posted...
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    7.9 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Nepal

    From BBC News: Link to article: Live updates from The Guardian: This is a very sad state of affairs, devastating really. My...
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    The Language Thread

    I thought this would be a dope idea for a thread and hopefully it will open gateways for people who speak or who are learning the same language. So I speak fluent English, I can speak most German and I'm conversational in Mandarin. Sadly I've given up on Greek and have left learning it to...
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    Why don't people post?

    I'm not complaining or anything, I'm genuinely interested in this. I mean there's around 120 people viewing the PS4 subforum but the last post was 6 hours ago. It's strange because I get that most people come here just to read but we there's not many new threads to read nowadays. So why do you...
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    Official Thread Links (Games) [Updated 26/3/15]

    Does the Official PS4 Deals Thread by Darky count?
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    Predict This Years PSU GOTY

    So yeah what games do you think will win this year. Shadow of Mordor won last year for reference. Personally I think MGSV will win, but that's just me. A full list of games releasing this year.
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    Fidel Castro makes first public appearance in 14 months

    'Old Fidel Castro is still up and running it seems. This man has had the world on him and it's pretty amazing that out of everyone assassinated in the Cold War this guy is still alive. From Yahoo News: The state-run newspaper Granma said Castro had this week met with a Venezuelan delegation...
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    Nintendo Direct 1/4/15 Round-Up

    A round-up of the April 1st Direct by Jose Otero, IGN: Link: I did a thread for both Mario Maker's release date and Fatal Frame U coming to the west.
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    Mario Maker coming in September and features online level sharing!

    From Polygon: Mario Maker, the do-it-yourself Mario level creation game, will arrive on Wii U in September, Nintendo revealed during a presentation today Nintendo revealed Mario Maker during E3 2014, though news of the game leaked out just ahead of its official debut. The game will let...
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    Fatal Frame U is coming to the west!

    From Nintendo of America: Nintendo of America ‏@NintendoAmerica Fans will get a chance to play the latest Fatal Frame game when it launches this year for #WiiU. #NintendoDirectNA Link: From Eurogamer: A new entry in the spooky...
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    Dragon Quest Heroes II in development

    From PlayStation Lifestyle... Even though Dragon Quest Heroes still has yet to come west, Square Enix has announced that Dragon Quest Heroes 2 is already in development for PlayStation 4, PS3, and PS Vita. According to a translation by NeoGAF user duckroll, the Japanese Dragon Quest Heroes...
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    I'm in a predicament PSU (FF14)

    So back when I took part in both PS3 and PS4 betas of FF14 I enjoyed it however I never bought it due to other games coming out. Well I decided to try get back in so I started trying the trial for FF14 but it didn't take my password. I wasn't really bothered, I haven't used the account for a...
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    Unreal Engine 4 Now Free (Only Pay 5% of royalties)

    From the Unreal Engine 4 website explaining it: IF YOU LOVE SOMETHING, SET IT FREE Unreal Engine is now FREE FREE for game development. FREE for Virtual Reality. FREE for education. FREE for architecture. FREE for film. GET UNREAL Pay a 5% royalty on games and applications you release. We...
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    Just picked up the PS Vita

    One of my favourite gaming investments.
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    Do we have an ETA on the forum migration?

    This forum is showing its age as of late to me and we were shown a while back what the new one would look like. Do we have a specified ETA or a launch window.
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    Metal Gear News February 2015

    So I did one of these a while ago and a lot has happened since then and I feel like updating. Let's begin. First I'll get the biggest news out the way, Metal Gear Solid V TPP may be coming out in June according to Neogaffer Batzi. Batzi wrote that he had sources that confirmed that MGSV:TPP is...
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    New Battlefield Hardline Beta Info and Release Date

    New info on the Battlefield Hardline Beta: Battlefield Hardline's open beta test will begin next Tuesday, February 3, EA has confirmed. The beta will be open to all players on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC until it ends on Sunday, February 8. Throughout the week, players will be given...
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    L2/R2 adapter/cradle coming soon from third party.

    Looks sweet but my Vita is a 1000 model. Guess its time to upgrade.
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    Why's it so hard to learn languages with the help of video games? Discussion/Question

    So currently I'm learning both German and Mandarin and making great progress however I was all like why don't I let one of my favourite hobbies help me out with this. So after a quick google search of "Video Games That Support Mandarin" and "Video Games That Support German" and other...