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    Xbox One launching November 22 - Additional Day One Editions produced
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    Edge: Sony trumps Microsoft again with a confident comprehensive showcase at ...

    Thought both had good showings tbh. Even tho ms didn't stream. They seem to have made the right noises this time around.
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    Rumour: October 21st Release

    OK lots of gaffers jizzing over this date. A mod verified gaffer has posted this. . Really hope it drops on this date. I'm ready!!
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    DriveClub and PS4: setting the look and feel of next-gen driving games

    Part 2 of The Guardians Driveclub article. And Part 1 for those who missed it.
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    Everybody’s Golf tees off on PS3 next week. $19.99 in the US Can't wait for this. It's been along time coming.
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    New Driveclub interview. Includes New Gameplay.
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    Driveclub Interview Q&A
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    Killzone: Shadow Fall New off screen gameplay
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    New Off Screen #Driveclub footage

    Looks great. Think ill purchase the retail version myself.
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    DualShock 4: Hands on with PS4 controller

    A few viewers q&a on the controller too.
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    Don Mattrick is leaving Microsoft Zynga, bloody hell.
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    PS4 Online Blocked for Countries Without a Store

    Sucks for those in the effected areas. I wonder if this means Sony will be ip blocking these places also or if making say a UK account would get you online.
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    iplayer/4od/itv player

    Where did they go? All ive got is Love Film and sometimes that isnt even there. I take its a problem my end as ive not saw anyone here mention it.
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    Sony Announces Identity Protection Programme for Europe

    Sony have announced details of an identity protection programme for PSN users in the UK, France, Italy, Spain, and Germany. The programme will be offered by Affinion International Limited, who will be responsible for "monitoring, surveillance, reporting and insurance for all existing eligible...
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    Playstation Network is Back Online But Only if youre a Developer

    If allready posted I apologise, not been on much.
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    EveryAir: Play PlayStation 3 Games on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Pretty impressive, although it is a bit cumbersome as mentioned and you also need a jailbroken PS3, but ye still impressive. source
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    Crysis 2, leaked 49 days early Its on newsgroups allready.
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    Fix for 1.04

    EDIT: A hotfix has been released to fix the issue. Please read before attempting the fix below. All credit goes to stlcardinal9sr: IF YOU DOWNLOADED THE CLASSIC ZOMBIE MAPS! DO NOT DO THIS! IT WILL...
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    IGN's Top Ten Biggest Gaming Disappointments of 2010

    Sorry if this has been posted allready. Sure, 2010 had some truly excellent games – games that likely brought you hours of fun, red eyes and repetitive strain injuries of all kinds. But it also brought disappointment. We're talking about broken dreams, wet eyes and a pang in our hearts that...
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    Gran Turismo 5 National License Test B-5 glitch (3 second gold trophy) I allready got gold in this test but wtf!!