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    Just Cause 2 Intel Map (for those of you who don't have it)

    I scanned the Intel Map for some mate of mine so I thought I might as well share it here also. :D
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    2010 Formula 1 Tipping Competition Interest?

    Would anyone be interested in participating in one? If this gets enough interest, I'll write up some rules and what we can tip on in the coming days. :D
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    Official Merry Christmas Thread

    Since it's now official the 25th (well on the east coast of Australia and New Zealand anyway), I'd thought I'd be the one to make the Official Merry Christmas Thread, so.... MERRY CHRISTMAS to my fellow PS3 forumers. :D I hope you all receive whatever presents you want and that you have an...
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    LittleBigPlanet finally gets Online Create Mode

    Source -
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    CSI Miami Horatio Comic Spoofs

    I got these off a mate the other day and I thought I'd share them. :D [/spoiler]
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    Online Character Freezing

    Whenever I play online my character will randomly freeze for anywhere between 10 seconds and 30 seconds. It makes me a sitting duck for enemies and results in me being unable to kill anyone. Does anyone else have this problem? A quick google search came up with this...
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    Trippest Thing You'll Ever See

    This spinning chick spins BOTH ways. Do you see it? If you can't figure it out, reveal the spoiler and it will help you. :D
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    RIP Patrick Swayze RIP 1952 - 2009
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    What GT5 trophies do you want?

    What trophies would you like to see in Gran Turismo 5? Or what trophies do you think will be in Gran Turismo 5? BTW, I originally had the title as "GT5 Trophies" but I changed it before I created this thread. :lol: Petrol Head - Unlock all other trophies King of the 'Ring - Lap the...
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    Solid WHITE Gold Car

    :shock: It looks so ****ing sexy! :D It's apparantly owned by some Abu Dhabi oil billionaire.
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    Favourite Internet Memes

    Simple enough question. :D I voted for Demotivational Posters, CSI Comics, 7 legged Spider, At first I was like..., The Game, Mordor, Dark Knight, Sparta, Pedobear and Fail. :lol: EDIT - Adding a poll. Gimme a few mins. :D Facepalm - Crazy Mean Baby -...
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    Man hit by train

    YouTube - MAN HIT BY TRAIN
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    Referee gets knocked out cold during Rugby game

    This happened a few nights ago during a match between the Bronco's and Rabbitohs. The ref gets in the way and cops a brutal knee to the face. YouTube - NRL Ref Gets Knocked Out HD
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    £150 fine for staying too long at KFC

    I don't think it would hurt her to stay off KFC for a few weeks. :p
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    The Official Brüno Thread

    Brüno Director: Larry Charles Producers: Sacha Baron Cohen Jay Roach Dan Mazer Monica Levinson Running Time: 83 minutes It was released in cinemas in Australia today and I'm off to see it in a few hours. :D Has anyone been to a premier of the movie and can shed some light on it? When...
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    Megan Fox apoligizes to Flower Boy

    I'm sure by now, everyone has seen the following image which has been floating around cyberspace for the past week.... ...well just as an interview was finishing, she addressed the issue. YouTube - Megan Fox Talks About The Flower Kid Photograph And Explains What Happened I thought that was...
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    Funny Google Trends

    Title says it all. :lol: Go here - and try to 'find' a funny trend. :p Eg: Some of these examples may be considered NSFW. What is happening to humanity? :p :lol: @ anal fisting suddenly becoming popular in 2006. :p Every year, we fall for it...
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    56 star face tattoo girl admits she lied,21985,25676849-663,00.html
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    10 y.o girl gets letter from President Obama for missing school

    I thought this was a really cool story. :D YouTube - Obama excuses young girl from missing school EDIT - Video embedding was disabled. :( :lol: Awesome!
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    Guitar Hero: Smash Hits Full Track List Revealed