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    HD movies and TV shows on the PSN Store

    Is the quality close to Bluray or at least HD and not anything close to DVD quality? I wanted to try a few out, but was hoping someone could clarify if the movies look good before I possibly waste money on a download. I wanted to rent them if that makes any difference. Thanks.
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    New Heavy Rain IGN Blog - Come Together
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    Call of Duty Classic....will you buy it?

    Hitting the Store this Thursday I believe for $14.99 Kind of pricey, but the online will be nostalgic for the people who played it 5-6 years ago even with 4v4 matches. I don't want to even bother with the singleplayer really already beat that way to many times and can recite some of the lines...
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    VGA rumor - Possible Twisted Metal announcement showing?

    and the first teaser of the new PlayStation 3 exclusive from Eat Sleep Play? Don’t believe me? your choice.. ill be waiting for your comments AFTER the VGA’s !
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    Valkyria Chronicles Demo

    Just downloaded this ( wow took me long enough ) finally on my new Slim since I missed it last year when my 60gb had been sold. I won't have the chance to play it tonight, but I just watched the intro for the demo and was impressed just with that! How did anyone here like the full game? Does...
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    Red Dead Redemption Trailer - YES the real thing this time HD nice :D Release Apr 27
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    Dante's Inferno Gates of Hell demo hitting the PlayStation Network on December 10
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    Strange problem just started happening this morning on brand new PS3 Slim

    I just bought my PS3 Slim Friday morning and I hope it's just the game doing this and not the actual unit giving me crap already. Getting first place every time in this map and the game freezes. I try to quit the game and the PS3 restarts itself then you can see that my DVD movie is not...
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    This Wednesday: Call of Duty Classic storms Xbox Live $15 sounds kind of steep though for a gimped game that I played in 2003.
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    Question about Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition

    Looking at this article on IGN: This includes the previously announced new episode that pairs RE5 hero Chris Redfield with RE series veteran Jill Valentine. Famitsu confirms a one hour gameplay time for the episode as well as a frightening new...
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    Aliens vs Predator - Euro Multiplayer Dev Diary - NEW

    Hey I see a PS controller at 1:28 :D
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    Life expectancy of a PS3 when the owner is a heavy smoker

    How much could a PS3 units lifespan be shortened when the owner is a heavy smoker always around? I have a few friends that are smokers and of course they are always near the PS3 with smoke drifting. a lot of times others are there on the weekends smoking even more cigarettes. I know the manual...
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    Players who play Smash cars online

    Great little PSN title on sale right now in the Store and even worth the full price in my opinion. Anyone else play? What a fun game this is maybe I will see people online who are from here.
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    Blue Toad Murder Files Is this also coming out next month for other countries? Only see the UK listed so far for a release. This game looks interesting just waiting for some more information on it.
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    Red Dead Redemption Leaked Trailer - My Name is John Marston

    Not sure how long Youtube will allow for this to be kept up, but what do you guys think of this: YouTube- Red Dead Redemption My Name is John Marston Like GTA in the wild west?
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    What happens if you are downloading a game from the PS store and...

    For some reason you might lose the internet connection? Will you lose the money and the game or will you have an option to continue with the download? I want to download the Smash Cars full game while it's on sale for half off right now, but the weather here is extremely windy at the moment and...
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    Did anyone else get a PS3 Bundle at Walmart (11/27) this morning?

    I picked one up. Bundle consists of: 120 gig Slim Batman AA game Infamous Game Batman DK Blu-ray movie They had a pile of these things at this low end store and they were gone in 2 minutes at the most. When the poor sales clerk finally handed me mine there was only five left on the big cart...
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    What deals are out there right now or this week for the PS3?

    Ok of course this is the big shopping week for everyone. What retailers have a good deal on the PS3 this Friday? Any bundles or temporary price drops that stand out? This is for the United States retail.
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    GTI Club - Smash Cars

    Ok was on the PS Store earlier and somehow I have been overlooking these games forever. I saw the Smash Cars demo was a quick download so I tried it. The demo was extremely fun and simple. Anyone can pick this game up and get a hang of the controls fairly simple I believe. GTI club I haven't...
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    Street Fighter IV is the online good?

    Friend was possibly thinking of getting this game and I will as well if we can have a good online experience without any lag. Is there any problems facing the PS3 version playing online? I hope starting or joining a game is hassle free. Also I see that a "Super" version is slated for a early...