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    My 80GB MGS4-bundled PS3 has the blinking red light. What are my options?

    From June 2008 'till now, my trusty black console stood strong and weathered the storm. It survived four apartment moves, battled countless legions of dust (which I greatly fended off), and piercing direct rays of sunlight. Alas, it has now conceded defeat... or has it? I do not have the YLOD...
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    How much time do you commit to the PS3?

    I was just thinking how many hours I've collectively spent on gaming over the course of my lifetime... and well, dam, it's quite a lot when you tally the numbers and think about it. With the vg industry surpassing $7 billion in the U.S. alone, it's not going away any quicker than we're getting...
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    GT5 Questions from an honest amateur

    This is my first Gran Turismo game. Hell, it's my first driving game purchase outside of anything without "Mario" and "Kart" in it. Wait, so I can't powerslide in this game? Thus, Me :| = No Expectations :confused: = Absolutely loving this brilliant game :p I have a few questions if anyone...
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    What Do I Need to Convert Home VHS Tapes to Computer?

    Dear fellow PSU brethren, I am in need of some information please! As a kind request to the parents (and something I'm interested in personally as well), I have to take the some 20+ old family VHS tapes and convert these digitally as media files on a computer. I will likely cut a lot of it out...
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    FF13 - Upgrading Weapon Question

    Let's say I have a weapon I want to upgrade as quickly and efficiently as possible. This weapon I haven't used or touched once until now (when I've finally reached Ch.11, and finally gained access to R&D Depot). I have: GIL: 55,782 Particle Accelerator: 1 Superconductor: 3 Perfect Conductor: 6...
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    Reality of Adult Life; Leaving Video Games Behind?

    So, for you adult PSU members (teens can ignore this if you choose), have any of you slowly but surely phased out video games in your life? Granted, if you had purged anything video game-related from your life you wouldn't be present to read this post, so perhaps a few of the veteran forum-goers...
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    How Sony Lost Its Moat

    Stumbled upon this article while reading Morningstar. I found it to be an interesting read. Reproduced below. [/COLOR]
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    Naughty Dog website revamped with new multiplayer stats section

    Naughty Dog hit a curveball outta nowhere and updated their website with a pretty robust online multiplayer stats section. It has logged ALL of your kills, deaths, etc. since you first played online. Pretty impressive. K/D ratios, total time logged, global averages for each category, match...
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    What would you do if you won the lottery?

    As a New Yorker myself, I often see the Mega Millions jackpot roll in upwards to $200+ million every now and then. (You really can't avoid all the signs posted on every news-stand). Then some very lucky person (or two or three or a bunch of co-workers pooling their tickets together) will...
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    Final Fantasy X-2

    I have an 80GB PS3 and it's my first PlayStation console, so I love taking advantage of its backwards-compatibility, since I skipped over a lot of PlayStation franchises. Anyways, I recently got my hands on a completely free copy of Final Fantasy X-2. I've only played one FF, which was FFVII...
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    Life with PlayStation

    Does anyone use this channel? I fired it up this morning for the first time in probably 6 months and was introduced to a 4th new channel, called "World Heritage" by alpha clock, with awesome photos around the world that change depending on the time of day. All in all, with 4 different channels...
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    De-selecting 720p and 1080i options

    I use a 1080p LCD HDTV. Will de-selecting the 720p and 1080i options in "Display Options" on the XMB, result in better visuals for games that usually resort to 720p when I play them? e.g. GTA IV, PlayStation Home I recently stumbled upon a list that had several PS3 games that though otherwise...
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    Can I use an LCD HDTV as a second monitor?

    I have a Dell Quad-core 2.40 Ghz desktop w/ 3GB RAM using an ATI Radeon HD 2400 on Windows Vista. I have a 22" LCD monitor hooked up to this computer using a DVI cable. The computer also has an available VGA port. I recently purchased a Vizio 1080p 42" 240 Hz LCD HDTV. If I connect this TV to...
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    Thoughts on Single vs. Multi & Co-op

    So I was playing the Bonus Round clip from in the background. The episode centered around the aspect of multi-player and what it brings to the table and how it has become the standard. I'll agree with a few of the points that were highlighted in the panel discussion. For...
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    wipEout HD Zone 75

    How in the world does anyone achieve this? Is there something I'm doing incorrectly with my control schematic? Is anyone using Pitch and/or Steering motion control? This seems like the most impossible task designed for a trophy. So my peak reach (in obviously Anulpha Pass) was Zone 50 when I...
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    PlayStation HOME Survey

    Does anyone know where the link or where I can take the survey thats going around? I would like to offer my input to the Sony guys.
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    No such thing as a PS3 System Seller.. yet.

    Does anyone share my sentiments in feeling that many of the PS3 games delivered to date have been somewhat of a letdown? LittleBigPlanet was meant to be a true innovator and usher in a charming and wildly popular new Sony mascot in the form of Sackboy. I felt that all of the hype and build-up...
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    PixelJunkEden - 2 Questions

    1) What do those little icons in the main hub garden do? You jump into these and the whole screen turns an unsightly green or yellow or something. All of the organic "plants" turn the same color. Is this merely an aesthetic change or is there some functional difference? 2) If I have this game...
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    Trouble playing in Widescreen using PS3 to play PS2

    Hi, I just picked up a used copy of Shadow of the Colossus. I never had a PlayStation until the PS3 and wanted to play some classics. Even though I select 16x9 in the options menu, I am seeing no difference in my viewing ratio. I'm stuck in this dam 4:3 mode!! Can anyone help? Is it a...
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    PS3 Controller Size

    I pose this question because I am curious how many other gamers out there feel the PlayStation 3's official controller is too small. I find that the overall size is too small for my taste and I am an average-sized adult. Just as we have varying SKU's of video game consoles to cater to differing...