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    Mass Effect's achievement list revealed!

    Link: Looks like you'll need to replay the game ALOT to get em all.
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    Mass Effect Goes Gold! + Collector's Edition Revealed Press Release: Definitely picking the LE up(if it comes to Europe..) Some really neat stuff on there.
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    Mass Effect: Char. Spotlight PART 3

    Introducing some of your NPC's, Ashley, Kaidan, Liara, aswell as the the rogue spectre Saren.
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    Amazing new Mass Effect Vid!

    MTV posted this little article and vid up last night but onlu appears to be available to people in the US - Luckily somebody's uploaded it to Youtube so non-US people can watch it also.
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    More Stunning New PGR4 Shots

    These screens were added to that bit of PGR4 news X2 posted earlier, but these merit their own thread so **** it. They are so good. See the rest here(all 11) -
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    Mass Effect's music: "reminiscent of Blade Runner era Vangelis"

    There was a short preview of Mass Effect in the Guardian yesterday. Though he couldnt talk about much he did have the chance to talk about the games music. Have to agree with him. All the music I've heard in the trailers...
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    GC 2007: Mass Effect Progress Report

    Just a quick preview from IGN, sums up most of the same things highlighted in the recent 1UP show. Biggest thing to note is the frame rate is now more or less fixed.
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    Too Human update (demo details, trilogy timespan)

    Recently they said we'd be seeing a demo on the MP soon, of course we know with SK "soon" can mean anything from 1 month to a frickin year. Plus some recent screens which I dont think have been posted
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    Huxley Beta Starting Soon Should be good fun though most people will probably be fixed to the COD4 beta. Worth checking out though
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    New PGR4 details (incl. UK release date)

    Link: I'd imagine that means Oct 12 for Europe too.
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    Transfer cable for the Elite HDD?

    How do you get the free transfer cable to move your 20GB to the Elite's 120GB HDD? On the official Xbox site there's a PDF you can fill out, but it says you can either fax them it, of if you're in Nort/South America, you can mail if to them. It says nothing about worldwide people though, and...
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    Free BioShock Faceplate over at

    Just letting people know about the deal over at that gives you a free Bioshock faceplate if you order the game now. I'm sure it'd fit well in your room, if you live in a god **** forest. Hehe I've put 60 down for...
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    Mass Effect wins Best Console Game of E3 - GameCritics Awards!

    Mass Effect scoops best console game, while LBP takes best original game, and Rock Band takes the title of Best of Show. The GameCritics panel is made up of 36 judges, of journalists from the biggest gaming media outlets in America. - BioPwned!
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    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed?

    As a huge fan of the KOTOR series I cant help but feel excited for the new Star Wars game. LucasArts are supposedly working very closely with Mr Lucas himself on making the game, and apparently the likes of Darth Vader will feature heavily in the game. So the production values should be great...
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    Mass Effect 15Min Demo - Get the HD Video before its gone! (High Speed)

    Gamespot have uploaded last nights live demo showing of Mass effect: Project Director of ME Casey Hudson and BioWare President Greg Zeschuck talk about the game, and it's about 21 minutes in total. Lots of gameplay, a great...
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    Mass Effect RELEASE DATE! (**DRUM ROLLS**)

    November it is unfortunately. I was praying they might sneak it out before H3 but November seems to be the wisest choice. Ugh 4 more months. Chris Priestly: BTW if you havent seen the new E3 trailer, YOU MUST WATCH:
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    Confirmed: Live Mass Effect Demo for E3

    Click on the Wednesday tav and you'll see a live Mass Effect demo will run at 6pm Wednesday(Pacific Time).;live So that's 2AM for British Isles people, but I'll waiting up to watch it live. :o
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    Mass Effect "coming Winter 2007"

    That's right, in Australia the Forza 2 Limited Edition boxes come with a Mass Effect flyer inside, with the worlds "Winter 2007" spouted. But of course, that's the AUSTRALIAN winter. Their winter ends officially on August 31st for us.... I...
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    RUMOUR: KOTOR 3 out for Christmas God I hope this is true, but it doesnt seem very likely.
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    My 360 healed itself!

    No not really, but I've turned my 360 upside down and it's been working now for 6 hours straight. Yes I was another 3 lights victim. I thought I'd give it a shot, because I'd read over on XboxScene that the problem was the Motherboard was warping. And with the miracle that is gravity, it warped...