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    Deactivate PS3 from your PSN account.

    Hey guys, Just wondering, my Old Phat 40GB PS3 died from YLOD and was well outta warranty, so i just went and bought a new PS3 Slim, just wondering if i rang Sony and told them what happened and gave them the serial number, would they deactivate it from my account? If anyone has had similar...
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    War Wounds Thread (WARNING! Graphic Content inside)

    Hey all, haha i injured myself yesterday working, and got a little bit of a splinter in my thumb and decided to make this thread. Post up some gnarly pics of your war wounds and tell us how it happened. :D I managed to get this splinter while breaking up wood at work, was hitting pretty hard...
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    Sony patents new technology for their 3D TV's!

    Want to play games while you girlfriend watches One Tree Hill or Sex and the City 2? Well you may be able to soon. Here it is: Source
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    Front Mission: Evolved E310 Trailer has changed my mind.

    i was a bit iffy on the game since its a spin off but this trailer has full convinced me to get it day 1, check it out!
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    Front Mission: Evolved - Your thoughts...?

    The Front mission series has been a personal favorite of mine since back in the days of good old SNES gaming. For those not educated in front mission, it is a SRPG series featuring mechanized bipedal weapons know as "Wanzers" and pretty much had the customization of Armored Core before it...
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    Aussie Editor Canned Over Red Dead Redemption Review?

    Hmmm i did a quick search on the forums to see if this was posted before but couldn't find anything. I would be surprised if it was true, considering all the 10's GTAIV got that (well to me anyway) was far from a perfect game. SAUCE...
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    Just got Nier: MINI REVIEW UP!

    Just got Nier from my local EB (bloody overpriced but cbf driving further) I'll play it for a bit and update this post with a mini review soon :) EDIT: Alright time for the mini review! I have played the game for only an hour and a half so bear with me: So far the game has been a delight to...
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    Star Ocean 4 or Bayonetta?

    Hi guys, I know there are threads like this every day but i really would like some advice. As the title says I'm looking at either buying Star Ocean 4: International Edition or Bayonetta and i am wondering which you would recommend more. Keep in mind I have never played SO4 (I don't have a...
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    Gadget Guy reviews Uncharted 2! (another positive review)

    [B] Personally i'm in love with the game already just from the demo :lol:
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    Official Disgaea Infinite Thread!! UPDATED!! June 2010 Release!

    ____________________________ Disgaea Infinite is a visual novel with a time loop feature for the PSP. Releasing in US in June 2010! Trailer: Disgaea English Trailer Plot: Description: Disgaea Infinite borrows the gameplay system from Infinite Loop, a Japan-only text adventure game...
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    A few New Persona 3P Videos.

    Was doing the rounds of my usual sites, and stumbled upon these added only yesterday. First time Persona release for the Female Character. (Seems the didn't do an FMV for her. but still looks cool) YouTube - Persona 3 Portable: Story Trailer A little bit of town navigation and Day/Night...
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    Gundam Creator: 'Video Games Are Evil'

    Source haha, isn't that ironic. If you can't be bothered reading the wall, basically he says games are evil because they are killing the earth (No one is doing anything productive and Game Consoles draw alot of electricity.) He doesn't stop there, though. Given the problem posed to us by...
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    From Software bringing Armored Core: Silent Line Portable to PSP this November

    YouTube - ARMORED CORE SILENT LINE Portable  プロモーション映åƒã€Œæ¿€æˆ¦ç¯‡ã€ Source Great news! Hope they bring them west just like the original PS2 versions. Also judging by the trailer they are also going to port across Last Raven :D great news indeed :D
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    Naughty Dog: Uncharted 2 public demo by end of September

    Source Sounds good to me i can't wait to give it a go :D
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    PSN Games problem. (Please help me)

    Alright, so I bought Smash Cars and Battle Tanks of PSN today and i can't seem to get them to work, I d/l both fine and installed fine but when i run them Battle tanks loads but shows nothing but white and freezes and Smash cars goes black and freezes. I thought the problem may lie in the d/l...
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    EU Problems with Smash Cars and Battle Tanks.

    I've tried downloading Smash Cars and Battle Tanks 4 times now, and both still wont work. Smash Cars either stays a black screen and does nothing, or once it loaded but kept freezing when trying to enter a race. And battle tanks, just keeps loading a black white screen no sound or anything...
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    VIDEO: New slim boot screen

    YouTube - Playstation 3 Firmware 3.0 (new bootup screen) Source Looks nice, at least now it tells you your booting up a PS3 system :P
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    Square Enix bringing Crystal Defenders to PSPMinis

    Source I love this game, have it on my Ipod and PS3. Not too sure if i need it again on my PSP never know.
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    PSPMinis: Sony entices Indie devs by cutting fees

    Source Good to hear, hopefully there will be plenty of content