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    Gonna get a vita hopefully!

    For me the Vita was my worst purchase of last year, and is now gathering dust alongside my PSP. Does Near work yet?
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    A couple of questions about Vita

    The only game I've played so far is Everybody's Golf, and you can play your music over that.
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    PS Vita Accessories Thread

    Its just arrived from Amazon. It is a hard case and does what you want it to do. Don't understand some or the reviews though, its tight as it is holding the Vita nice and snug. All the inserts were included too, unlike the one being sold in the US? And amazingly(for once) it was actually...
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    PS Vita Accessories Thread

    Went for this case. Doesn't seem bad for the price and knowing how clumsy I am, waiting till March is not the best idea. :snicker
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    NGP Home Menu Captured

    I like it, makes the current XMB look very old and dated.
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    Carrying Your NGP

    I won't be putting it in my man bag, as that is where my testicles are now kept. So, I shall carry it.
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    Strange message on PS3 after changing hard disc.

    I recently put a larger hard disc in my PS3. Last night when I switched the PS3 on it said something like "this is not the correct hard drive, please connect the correct drive". Which freaked me out quite a bit, so I switched off the PS3 and switched it back on and it started as normal. Now it...
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    Mirror's Edge Pre-Order At Game UK with Free T-Shirt

    Not seen this posted. Just went to pre-order Mirror's Edge at Game, and they are giving a Fenchurch T-Shirt with the game. So with the 5 quid voucher & Quidco comes out at a litle less than 32.00 quid. Not sure my fat belly will fit inside the t-shirt though. :DD Large...