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    Forza Horizon 2 gameplay
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    [email protected]: Games Preview edit:
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    DigitalFoundry: Running PS4 via Xbox One's HDMI input

    For you 2 console owners...
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    Dead Rising 3...Why wait?

    Go ahead and choose your path now.
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    50 min. of Project Spark

    It was a live broadcast earlier. Couldn't embed, seem to be impossible. They're playing on PC with W8. Gotta say I like what I'm seeing. Seems like this game has no limits and they've only shown very little. Even though the UI is...
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    xbox smartglass walkthrough.....Damn

    Smartglass is living up to its name in all aspects except games; that remains to be seen. But me with my WP, 360, and Surface on the way is loving this MS.
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    Halo Waypoint on Mobile, Real-time Map Updates on your phone.

    Or should I say windows phone. They're updating the xbox app, the website, and the app on WP. WP is by far the most impressive giving you your realtime location and your teammates location on the detailed maps on your phone. They'll also show you where vehicles and weapons are on the maps...
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    The Beast that is Firefight

    We all know how much Reach offers in terms of content but I think there is one mode that is being slept on and that's firefight. Being able to do any customizations in firefight is huge. And when I say any I mean any. For example you can have a spartan doing the rolling ability that's usually...
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    Xbox Live on Windows Phone 7

    It's pretty ****ing awesome. -Only silver membership required -Uses real cash no points -send messages straight to your friends from your phone to the console -All in the cloud -Avatar is the...
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    Gameplay of three new Halo Maps

    First vid is of Zealot. Check out 2:20 at how the enemy uses the hologram. This second vid is of Pinnacle. It's a Forge World map that's included in the game. Lots of Hologram play here...
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    So this whole MS store thing...

    Don't you think they will do some pretty big things at the stores when Natal launches. YouTube - Grand Opening - World's first Microsoft Retail Store - Scottsdale, AZ - Playing X-Box YouTube - Grand Opening - World's first Microsoft Retail Store - Scottsdale, AZ - Microsoft Surface...
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    Cockpit View can be changed in Forza 3!!!

    with a little trick. Normal View Adjusted View This is done by adjusting the triple screen setup in the settings. It works on single screens and it also works on FM2. No reported frame rate problems or anything...
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    Forza Motorsport 3 Full Car List! Spans 2 disc. Looks like a lot choose from. Still patiently waiting. :)
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    MS finally comments on the problems with LIVE They finally gave a real answer. I know a lot of people were pissed about not being able to connect. The only problem I had was longer times connecting to COD4 games.
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    Sony buys Motorstorm Developer

    Good news for fans of the game because a sequel is coming.
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    83% of Xbox 360 game aren't shooters Now I guess people can shut up about that. All these people keep talking about how tired they are of playing FPS on the 360. I wish they would tell me where they are so I can play them.
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    Portable Lifts and Turrets in Halo 3

    One last video. When Chief picks up the turret it goes into 3rd person (Just like Gears) mode and you can tell how tight the graphics are when in 3rd person. The lighting on Chief is crazy good.
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    The reason we have no news on Spiderman 3 the game. Why would they hand off the game to people who don't know what they are doing. And the game was supposed to come out a month before the movie. That's why there are no commericials, interviews, anything on the...
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    360 exclusives wins...

    Says this site I don't know what's right or what's wrong, but they did just update the list. The PS3 and Wii have only been out for 4 months so of course they won't have as many exclusives announced. The list is still interesting.
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    Halo 3 pics and Vids

    Sorry if this is already posted. Lots of Halo 3 pics and vids in this thread If you see the date when the thread was started it was on Nov. 22, 2006 so all these are old pics and they look real good for an ALPHA BUILD game. Sadly they look...