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    Where to buy a UK replacement blu ray drive other than ebay?

    Hey guys, My cousin recently got his blu ray drive jammed in, and I'm currently looking for a replacement drive to use instead. OTHER than ebay, is there any other sites that sell the drives that isn't £110+ like consolewerks? thanks in advance.
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    Official Killzone 2 Box art revealed (EU) Looks nice and clean. I like it.
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    High Rez LBP poster I created you can use!

    I recently wanted to make a poster for my room and needed something high quality. After looking around I couldn't find anything so I decided to knock one up my self: download link is and click on the save now link to load the 5.4 mb image and then right click to...
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    New Motorstorm 2 Pics!!! Your mind will be blown!

    mg][/img] Holy shcizzle. This is why I have a PS3.8)
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    Who else got Overlord Raising Hell?

    I just got mine in the post and I intend to play it tommorow or in the weekend. Few pics I took: comes with a minimap and art inside the case. Seems like everyone is still with MGS4.
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    MGS4 sells 1 Europe! Ryan Payton REDEEMED!
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    London Zavvi MGS4 Midnight launch! loads of pix!

    10.30 am Kowak from Gaf. Some cool dude called Raphael. dabookerman's friend Rockstar energy drinks free! Can close up. Painted canvas signed by Kojima. Only 3 in the world, up for grabs in the Zavvi competition. Around 3pm the line grows to 13...
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    Got my UK LE today!

    w00t w00t I'll post more pics tommorow, since I'm geting ready to go for the midnight launch today and I want to be there early.
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    Mgs4 Uk Le Back In Stock At!!!!!

    Get it now guys before they run out!!! UPDATE: ORDERS HAVE NOW STOPPED.
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    Beware Of Spoilers They Have Now All Leaked!

    Yes lady and gents, now is the time to bail out of the internet. It seems a chap called Paul has leaked every single piece of information about the game as possible, including all the names of the patriots. So please MGS fans, STAY AWAY FROM GAMING SITES FROM NOW ON.
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    Hideo Kojima Enters Guiness World Records Just goes to show how awesome Kojima is.:)
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    Konami Unveils Officially the Europe LE!

    Yes no more dodgey small shots! this is from Konami directlyi! Olive drab snake is not the same as the other figurine so the value will be very high.:mrgreen:
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    RAINBOW SIX VEGAS 2 £23 @ Zavvi

    For those interested in it, but won't pay full price for the game, I found this a good deal:
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    The Official thread of Race Driver GRID! + LE pix!

    Ah yes! I got my Limited Edition today from GAME and I must say it looks sweet! Anyway I've been playing the game and admit the handling is pretty hard, in fact if you don't play racing games you will HATE this game because how hard it is. Anyway pictures...
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    Pictures of Europe MGS4 LE! HAWT!

    Thanks to Simo from GAF: I am so glad I got the LE.:mrgreen: edit: rehosted pics
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    MGS4 LE Back up again on! (Now Sold out!)

    Get it while you can guys! EDIT: IT HAS BEEN SOLD OUT! Damn that was fast!
  17. D has stopped orders for MGS4 LE

    Yep guys, if you didn't order your LE MGS4 in time it looks like it might of been your last chance. has removed the option to pre-order: Let's hope play might get...
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    Interesting shuffling happening in GAME & Gamestation stores

    This week I managed to pop in to GAME on tuesday in its oxford street street branch, and I noticed the staff had been carrying things about but I didn't realy pay attention. Soo like usual I went to the right side of the store where the usual sales section is, which is also next the tiny PS3...
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    Crazy guy gets a PS3 Tattoo, would you do it? That what I call a hardcore fan boy. :lol: I wonder if he posts here?
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    The Getaway PS3 still in the works + feature film? So good news the game is not canned and a potential feature film. Bad news, no 2008 date but maybe 2009?