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  1. jfiman14

    Captain America (Spoilers)

    Is dead! This is a sad, sad day. I wonder why Marvel did this...
  2. jfiman14

    90s Nostalgia

    I grew up in the nineties, as I'm sure many others here did. I recently found this on Honestly, this almost brought me to tears, thinking about how much happier I was back then. Anyway, what was your favorite part of the nineties?
  3. jfiman14

    Mac World '07

    What do you think they will announce tomorrow? I'm hoping some new Leopard info, and some more info on the iTV. And of course it would be awesome if they announced the iPhone, though I doubt it will happen. Also, hopefully they'll start putting Intel Core 2 Duos in Mac Minis.
  4. jfiman14

    Try Not To Laugh At These Pics (56K Warning)

    Alright, some of you may have seen this sort of thing before. Basically, you look at the pics and try not to laugh, you then post a pic that you think will make others loose this game. Simple no? When you lose, post what pic you lost at, accompanied with your own funny picture of course. You...
  5. jfiman14

    New Year's Thread

    So what is everyone doing for New Year's? Personally, me and a bunch of eople I know are going to hang out all evening, then as midnight nears, we are going down to the beach. At about 11:59, we are going to jump in the water, and come back out at 12:01. It's an annual tradition.
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    Actual PS3 Grill

    Here Oh my god, I can't believe they actually did that.
  7. jfiman14

    Who's Tried ZippFizz?

    If you don't know what it is, click here. My friends and I like to eat the powder straight, not mixed with water. It's so good. Though one of my friends did say he threw up after eating a bit to much...
  8. jfiman14


    The bank is working again! Just wanted to let anyone who hadn't heard know.
  9. jfiman14

    VGA Awards Thread

    I made this to discuss Spike TV's video game awards. I would like to
  10. jfiman14

    New Virtual Fighter 5 Screens

    LINK Looks good, I can't wait to see it in action. And sorry if old, I looked at the entire page, and I did a search.
  11. jfiman14

    If I Was A Mod...

    I just got this idea from another post. What would you do if you were a mod? I think that I would see if I could ban myself, just to see if I can.
  12. jfiman14

    Factor 5 Developing Downloadable PS3 Games

    Link Awesome news. Sorry if this is old, I didn't see it anywhere.
  13. jfiman14

    Happy Holidays Thread

    I decided to make this after seeing the thing at the very top of the page. I would like to say happy holidays to you all! I have no idea what we should talk about in this thread, but oh well.
  14. jfiman14

    Your City Thread

    I made this thread so that everyone could say where they live, and what they like or dislike about where they live. I live in Santa Cruz, California. I love it here. Good weather, nice beaches, and The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk! Also, if you are liberal like me, you'll love it here. One of...
  15. jfiman14

    Controller Problems?

    LINK This article is being used by a troll on another board to put down the PS3. I was just wondering if anybody who has a PS3 has had this problem, or if this site is pure BS. Thank you very much.
  16. jfiman14

    Sports Teams Support Thread

    I wanted to make this thread so that everyone can say what sports teams that they support. No real reason, just thought it would be interesting. Me: Football-San Francisco 49ers Baseball-San Francisco Giants Basketball-Los Angeles Lakers Hockey-San Jose Sharks Those are the only...
  17. jfiman14

    HDTV Question

    LINK I was wondering how this TV was? Does anyone have any experience with it? How is it for the PS3 I will hopefully soon get? And I know it's small, but I have a limited budget and not much space, so that size and price work for me. Anyway, thanks so, so much for any help :D
  18. jfiman14

    Interesting Article On Controller It explains basically how the motion sensing works. Sorry if this is old, I didn't see it anywhere.
  19. jfiman14

    Thank You PS3 Forums

    For being such a nice, troll free forum. If you're wondering why I am saying this, this thread about pushed me over the edge.
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    *OFFICIAL* I Got My PS3 Thread!

    Okay, the PS3 will be launching in a couple of hours. Chances are this board will be filled with topics from people saying they got theirs. I say we put everything in here. Also, if you do get a PS3, please answer any questions from those unfortunate enough not to get one (such as me) along with...