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  1. Mich

    New Phil Harrison/SCEA interview

    Foun a new long phil harrison interview on gamedaily. Too bad halfway some pr guy from scea had to take over because of time constraints. Although a good read, nothing much new here, guess we have to wait till gdc for some announcements. linkie...
  2. Mich

    New L4/R4 'click' on ps3 controller

    something i found while browsing at gaf: Looks like we have ourselves two new buttons. While holding down the two triggers all the way though the end, it wil click like a normal button. There already calling it L4 and R4. Here's the full article from psm3: link...
  3. Mich

    My view on this forum lately

    Allright, first of all, don't look at my post count. I started reading this forum just before E3 '05 took place every day now. I have several gigs on my hard drive worth of footage from a lot of different events (e3 05, tgs 05, gdc 06, e3 06, tgs 06) etc. I'm not going to talk about myself in...
  4. Mich

    PS3 is still changing (design)

    As you all know, Sony recently gave us some new pics from the ps3 in it's current state. Because they will start the final assembling soon, I don't think they can change the design anymore. In this thread i'd like to sum up the most important differences between the e3 06 model and the current...
  5. Mich

    PS3 and X360 side by side

    Gamesradar has a size comparaison between x360 and ps3 (no its not a real ps3 just a nice looking wooden replica). Don't mind the sarcastic comments, it seems as though they favour the x360 big time. You can find the pictures here...
  6. Mich

    Update PS3 dev kits (>10.000)

    SCEA PR manager Ryan Bowlin has given some new information about the ammount of ps3 developer kits that have been shipped to developers: More than 10.000 developers kits :shock: .... IMPRESSIVE :D link:
  7. Mich

    nVidia interview

    On Mercury news, there's a long interview with nVidia's CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang. You might remember him from E3 2005 where he told us more about the RSX in ps3. It doens't give much info about the rsx, but he does say that rsx has been in production for quite some time now. All in all, an...
  8. Mich

    First final running ps3 @ E3

    Don't know if this has already been discussed or not. At the E3 show, it appears that there was a sony private booth with an actual final working ps3 showing the game Warhawk. Somebody from forums.e-mpire (xboxdestroya) took some shots with his cam and he also made a video that's currently...