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    Lost saved game data, how to get it back?

    So I was playing Ghosts last night and after every match it came up warning me that my saved data operation failed and would ask me if I wanted to retry. It still let me play so what ever. Well this morning it says "save data corrupt" Unable to load save data because it is corrupt. It must...
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    Can you Share videos to twitter? or only pics?

    I was trying to upload some videos today and I had only linked my FB account, but then I added twitter and wanted to share there instead, but it still only gives me the option to share to FB. Is there something I'm missing or a setting someplace? Thanks
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    Sharing Videos, question

    Messed around with sharing videos. I really wish you could share directly to Youtube as well as Facebook, hopefully in the future?? Anyway I've noticed my BF4 vids have no audio, but my Ghosts videos do. I'm not sure why this is, anyone have any ideas? Is there a setting someplace? While...
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    Does the PS4 allow simultaneous audio support through HDMI and Optical out?

    I've been researching new headsets and it seems like the top end ones require you to plug in a mixer/receiver via the optical port. I'm pretty sure the PS3 Allowed you to have audio run via HDMI and the Optical at the same time so multiple devices could get audio. I thought I had read that the...
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    Playroom Trophies

    So far I've gotten 3 trophies in the Playroom. Too bad I can't log in to my PSN account to have them go towards my total! Ohh well.
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    Best special PS4 yet? courtesy of Miguel lCabrera

    From his twitter..
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    Problems with Trophies not displaying on

    Okay this is kind of an odd question but does anyone else ever go to to look at their trophies or their friends trophies? I went to it the other day and I noticed a bunch of my new games are not displaying. BF3, MW3, Madden NFL 12 and Uncharted 3 none of...
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    YLOD, Fat to Slim external HDD issues

    Okay so I just had my 60gb launch day unit finally YLOD on me. I had been doing back ups on an external HDD about every 6 months or so, but I went to do a restore on my new slim but the slim won't recognize the external HDD. Has anyone else had this happen? It's a WD Passport 500gb When I...
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    3G isn't attracting customers.

    I think Verizon and Sprint perhaps use the same 3g tech. Anyway, would make sense globally, but I really think Sony hurt themselves by tying themselves strictly to ATT If you don't live in a MAJOR city ATT's signal/service stinks. (via my personal experience) It is faster however. Anyway to...
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    3G isn't attracting customers.

    I know I'm late and I haven't read the entire thread, but I think a lot of it is due to the fact that Sony went exclusively with AT&T I know just because of that I won't even consider the 3g version. If they went with Verizon on the other hand... They'd have been best off not tying it to...
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    Went to the GT5 Launch party at the Playstation lounge in NYC, Crazy Story!! Pics too

    This is a long read pretty crazy if you ask me. Short Version: They didn't get their copies of the game and I came a way with a ton of free stuff Long Version: Okay, So the wife and I went on vacation to NYC for a few days before heading off to see family for Thanksgiving. I realize that GT5...
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    Is this how the new Forum is supposed to look???

    I don't think the new update likes firefox... The messages once open look fine and when looking at the general forums list everything looks fine, its just when you get to where the threads actually are that is all messed up.
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    How to get your free "digital DVD copy" on to the PSP?

    Okay so I have a bunch of Blu-Rays I bought that came with a Digital copy, figured I'd just use the digital copy on my PSP. I know some movies (sony pictures) have a nice easy option to transfer for the PSP, but how do you do it for other movies. I have GI Joe and Star Trek that I'm trying to...
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    Got to see Motorstorm 2 Running in 3D in person

    All I can say is outstanding. WAY more impressive in person that I'd have ever thought. it was at a Sony Style store (so I'm sure others have seen it as well) They have a PS3 running a demo video of a few games and video from a Soccer game and a zoo in Japan. I think the TV was a 52" or 55"...
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    Need For Speed Shift Question

    Okay, so I've been playing Need for Speed Shift lately (and loving it) but I have a question, After each time you level up, you unlock certain rewards, either money, paint finishes or special events. Well some times it tells me I've Won/unlocked Cars or Graphics packages. But I can NEVER find...
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    Multiple PS3 Sync feature

    Someone asking about idea's for BR players (and I suggested the PS3) asked me if there was any way to "Sync" two PS3's together, so that if he was Playing one of them, and then the wife went to watch a movie on it, if he could have it so the second PS3 automatically updated all of his game save...
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    The New Friends List, Pretty cool with MW2

    I know lots of people complained about the new look of the friends list, and I think now we're starting to see why changes were made. I noticed now with the release of MW2 that instead of just telling you what game your friend is playing, it gives detailed information about it. Like if they...
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    Anyone ever e-mail a PS3 file?

    trying to find the best way to get my Brother in law the updated rosters for Madden 2010 as he's currently with out the internet. just wondering if I could download my roster file and transfer it to the PC and e-mail it to him. Don't see why it wouldn't work. I'd think the Roster file...
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    PSU question

    Okay first off, I'm pretty sure this isn't the correct forum to ask this question, truth is I'm not sure which forum would be "correct" so sorry for that. Anyway, I was just wondering what Country is PSU's "Home" Country? I know there are quite a high number of European users on this site...
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    What if...

    What if Microsoft announces another price drop at E3? Do you think Sony will HAVE to make some sort of price move? I think most of us think sony needs to do a price drop soon anyway, and we know Sony doesn't want to just yet, but if Microsoft does another drop do you think Sony will be pretty...