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    GTA IV patch 1.01 is now live!

    Hopefully this will smooth over the multiplayer experience.
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    GTA poking fun at Halo?

    Has anyone seen the television show in GTAIV where the characters seem to resemble Master Chief? Is GTA making fun of the Halo series?
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    Black Lantern Studio's new Wii/DS game?

    Alright, I just got this crazy email that I thought was complete spam...and it still could be for all I know. It appears that a Black Lantern Studio's corporate member used my email incorrectly in trying to communicate with another company administrator. The first email was an NDA from them...
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    Double Take - Britney or Phil

    I'm sure of you are aware of Britney Spears' new do. The first time I saw this, I actually thought that it was Phil Harrison on estrogen supplements.
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    Bluetooth Possibilities...

    Does the bluetooth feature on the PS3 open up the possibilities of any new and unique console accessories? If so, what?