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    Nice New Years

    yep, can't even afford to buy a new one atm
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    Whos getting MGS1?

    :D, about time
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    Can anyone comment on if this site is legit? they got new super mario bros on wii for £29.99, cheapest i've seen
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    Stats not recording correctly

    Well atm i got a kd of 1.90, why is it that sometimes when i get say 10 kills 1 death in S&D that my kd goes down? its not happened just once, i notice it happening quiet a lot, any ideas?
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    Multiplayer Problem

    Well i was playing fine yesterday, and now when i try get online it stays on the fetching playlists and updating stats and unlocks screen, any ideas on a fix? thanks
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    So who's got it? im probably gonna pick it up today and gonna hit up some MP if i get it, impressions will be nice :p
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    Hosting on COD

    well yeah i used to not really be able to host on COD, now when i host, almost everyone has 4 bar con, but my recent problem is how long it takes for people to actually join my lobby, anyway i can speed up how quickly people join my lobby? and its definitely not the population of online...
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    MP stats not updating?

    well back when i was still getting used to it my stats would update, now that im doing well there not updating :confused: any ideas on why?
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    Splinter Cell Conviction Release Date Announced! sounds good, i'll pick it up for the pc
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    Play uncharted 2 in the cinema?! wow?
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    C.V.G review C'MON!!
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    Best place to Pre Order

    yeah well i was pretty sure of buying from shopto (after i sneakily pre ordered on for the beta :-P) but today they raised their price to like £37.95, now i'm considering getting the special edition from game for £40, you get a steel book edition, and 2 postcards + golden AK47 and that...
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    Sign up to the star wars beta! good luck :D
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    COD4 online matchmaking error (33)

    yeah so i just woke up this morning, booted up COD4 as usual and all of a sudden my game was frozen on "DOWNLOADING GAME SETTINGS" after a minute the screen changed and said ERROR unable to connect to Activision matchmaking (error 33), ain't been able to get online since, any ideas? cant get on...
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    Crysis 2

    well i was on, just checking the coming soon bit when i found crysis 2 there, on no platform other then ps3, do they know something we don't? not heard anything about crysis on a ps3 apart from the rumours of crysis 1, if you wanna see it for yourself just search it on their site
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    Need some speakers

    so i recently hooked up my ps3 to my pc monitor using a hdmi to dvi cable, this gives the lack in sound, i also bought the 2x RCA Phono Female To 1x 3.5mm Male Jack Audio Adapter, but they dont seem to be compatible with my fairly old speakers, so i need a new set of speakers that would either...
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    PS3 on my monitor?

    Yeah so i've got a 26" sony bravia to play my ps3 on, but was just wondering whether it was possible to play it on my pc monitor, i've got a standard 24" samsung SyncMaster2443BW, pretty sick monitor but just the standard DVI, i know you can get a vga to hdmi port, but they cost like £110 on...
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    Lbp goty edition looks good, might be picking it up and geting the modnation racer beta :p, out september 8th, pretty expensive at $59.99 but u get half of that free in dlc anyway ;)
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    Battlefield 1943

    when is it due for release? i cant find a proper date anywhere and there is like no mention of it here, expected more since i know theres quiet a few bf lovers out here :p on wikipedia its 1st of july, on the website its hard to get one there lol so any ideas?
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    Uncharted from

    well i never pre ordered and kinda regret it, if i buy it now from will i get the beta code? it says i do but i just wanna be sure, thanks :)