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    13 must have acessories for VITA

    High res screen of the usb cable in the spoiler tags...
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    Red Dead Redemption 5.1 issue

    Does anybody know why I cannot get 5.1? Is there a known issue? My amp just shows Pro Logic II, not Dolby Digital. It's a new xbox bought in Jan, hooked up by HDMI and every other game shows DD on my amp. I've checked xbox settings and tested Fifa there and it still shows DD as usual, just...
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    Recommend me an Ipod Touch case (3rd Gen 32gb)

    I couldn't find any threads for this so I created one. Apologies if so. There are many cases on many sites which I could choose from but so far I haven't seen one which makes me go WOW! So I am wanting members to recommend me a case which they think is the best ever and have probably bought.
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    My Xbox360 just broke :(

    Ok, i was playing MW2 and the colours messed up. Switched it off for 5 minutes. When i switched it back on there was sound but no picture. Read on the internet that this is a pretty common problem. Appears the graphics chip has failed. Now i am not receiving an on screen E74 error but i...
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    Official ■ Stargate Universe ■ Thread

    Official Stargate Universe Thread Trailer StargateArchive - Youtube Channel with more trailers and videos ________________________________ Series started with a 2 hour double-episode showing in America friday night past, and starts on SkyOne and HD this Tuesday 6th October...
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    Woman "torn to bits" by eight pig dogs . . .

    SOURCE Her friend was what?
  7. D email fail

    Just got this in an email from, it's a special offer . . . get it?
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    PES 2009 Update v1.40

    Ok, i have just went to play PES 2009 and was prompted to update to version 1.40. Does anyone have any information on it? I'm going out to watch the champions league tonight so won't get a chance to update until later on. Since i played PES recently, i am pretty sure this is new but if it...
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    Battlefield 2 Beta Patch v1.5 Released

    For anyone who still plays Battlefield 2 on PC i found this earlier: LINK Earlier this week, EA released the beta patch for Battlefield 2. I was very surprised since a long time ago they cancelled Patch v1.5 and i assumed that this was the end of updates for BF2. It weighs in at 1.5gb. I...
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    Guitar Hero World Tour setlist

    SOURCE Nice. Great to see so many quality songs, Ted Nugent and Zakk Wylde's Original Guitar Duels should be interesting.
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    World's Fastest SSD Faster than normal hard drives, 60% less power consumed, less heat and silent. Sony should start promoting these with new models when they become mainstream, that would solve 3 of the biggest...