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    Chat question?

    I want to be able to chat on my PS4 while using my Thrustmaster steering wheel but I also want to use my surround sound system so don't want a full on headset. I know you can plug in the earbud thing that comes with the console into the DS4 to enable me to do this but as I'll be using a steering...
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    Xbox on.......

    Haha does anyone go round their XBONE owning friends houses saying this as they try to watch TV? I don't know anyone who has one so can't do it unfortunately
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    DLC and mid race saves coming (probably)

    2 of the latest 3 GT Planet news reports have info leaked about them. Mind they are in development still and based on Polyphony's usual development speed it may be another three years before we see it
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    Credit maker

    The new seasonal events are up and they are Ferrari based. The biggest earner being half a million credits for one lap around La Sarth which can be done in around 4 minutes or so :cool: I don't usually like grinding but if it's in a Fezza around La Mans then I think I don't mind as much. The...
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    Cross everything you've got..........

    and hope this means what I'm hoping Probably won't but we can live in hope
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    Red Bull X2010....

    managed to bag me one of these beaut's at last. Has taken me all day to do the three challenges and the Suzuka one is very tough here's one of my early attempts on the Nurb's GP track
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    B-spec level 35 = Free X1

    Apparently Not sure I have the patience to sit and watch my B-spec driver for that long. Mind I never thought I'd be at level 19 but I am
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    The what the hell am I supposed to do now it hasn't been delivered thread?

    I'm off all afternoon and to make it even better I start work tomorrow at half one, which coincidently was the time the postman came today and probably will tomorrow. Not a clue what to do with myself now apart from ring work and see if there is a chance I can have tomorrow off
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    Best news ever

    I know I probably shouldn't start a new thread but I'm to drunk and happy to care. To: Smiler Your order for Gran Turismo 5: Collector's Edition has been posted. Please note PLAY.COM will show on your statement. Please allow 3-5 days delivery. Please check the following order information...
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    Trade in F1 2010 and get GT5 for £4.99 (UK)

    Take your copy of F1 2010 down to HMV and you can trade it in for GT5 and £4.99. I've pre-ordered the collectors edition so won't help me Oh and can someone tell me how to put a spoiler tag on posts please? Ta very much
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    GT Academy (for you lot over the pond) Only for US residents and Canada misses out unfortunately for them.
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    Nordschleife by day/night People will think I've gone into hibernation this winter, I'll never be going out
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    Can't see me playing this track much

    I have a feeling the Veyron might be the road car of choice along this one
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    Monaco is back Now what we need with the introduction of McLaren road cars is the McLaren F1 car from around the end of 80's and start of the 90's so I can try doing this
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    The X1 in pics

    1483bhp and weighs just 545kg
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    New gameplay vids

    GTPlanet links Laguna Seca and Trial Mountain Rain at the Eiger Nordwand Nightracing at Le Mans...
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    PSU Championships

    Any ideas for what we could do for a race competition? I know we don't know the full details of what we can actually do online as yet but I reckon we should be able to get a few races up and going. One idea I thought is that we have a few leagues in play with Americans (North and South) in one...
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    Track editor and possibly a hint towards Spa

    GTPlanet have a story from IGN which has now been removed from IGN's website which gives a brief explanation of the track editor. It mentions that you can choose a theme for the track and gives two examples Toscana or the Belgian High Fens. We know Tuscany (Toscana) is in the game and I'm 99%...
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    New Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport

    For those interested it just went and smashed the world record for the fastest road going production car maintaining an average speed of 268mph:shock...
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    Porsche 911 GT2 RS

    Up until recently I wasn't really bothered about Porsche being included in this game. That is until I heard about this monster, 3.6 litre twin turbo charged boxer engine producing 620bhp and weighing just 1370kg. This car does 0-60 in 3.5 seconds and 0-100 in a mind-boggling 9.8 seconds. Only 4...