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  1. DayWalker

    RIP PS3 :( (Jan 2006- October 2014)

    Fat 60 GB PS3 kicked the bucket :( It looks like the YLOD... System fires up for a couple seconds... beeps a couple times... yellow light flashes once... and then the system shuts down and the light flashes red. Was able to get my red box blu-ray out using the hair dryer temporary fix...
  2. DayWalker

    Little Help- Outdoor MP3 Player/Boombox

    Anyone- I am looking to purchase an outdoor (ie ideally waterproof, dust proof, sun proof, football/volleyball/frisby projectile proof etc lol) mp3 playing boombox that i can hook up to my Galaxy s3 or ipod or whatever someone brought to the park so that we can listen to some tunes...
  3. DayWalker

    It Finally Happened... I cut cable!

    After years of negotiating... I finally told Comcast to kick rocks! Going with netflix and hulu+... via comcast internet until I can think of an alternate provider. anyone else out there a cable cutter?
  4. DayWalker

    HALP!!! Downloading PS3 game to a new ps3

    Trying to download dead nation(game I own) to my brothers ps3... game downloaded but when trying to install... "when using a psp system connect the psp system" and then just back and doesn't let you complete the install. Brother is signed into PS netowrk under my account Little help???
  5. DayWalker

    2012 Summer Olympic Games Thread

    Can't believe nobody created a thread for this yet. Shame! I love the olympics... so let's talk about it here. Go Team USA!!!! Go Team Jamaica!!!
  6. DayWalker

    Massacre In Colorado Movie Theater During Batman Grand Opening Just turn on your tv... 14 dead, 50 wounded... Disbelief. Heartbroken. Angry.
  7. DayWalker

    Dear Playstation... Where's My HBO GO app?

    What the title says- anyone got any info on when this is coming? Need something to replace NETFLIX!!!!
  8. DayWalker

    The TRUE Best Colleges of America

    PayScale's Party Schools With The Highest Mid-Career Salaries: 1. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) $94,300 2. University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) $91,000 3. University of Colorado - Boulder (UCB) $90,400 (woot woot!!!) 4. University of Maryland (UMD)...
  9. DayWalker

    Rant: Insomniac/Resistance 3... W...T..F!!!

    So I am a bit late... but it has been brought to my attention that R3 won't be expanding on the 8 player co-op. This is a traves-sham-mockery!!!! Ya know... when i heard that Insomniac was going to take an "extra" year to develop Resistance 3... I was expecting them to take the best part...
  10. DayWalker

    FL Gov Passes Law Requiring Welfare Recipients to Pass Drug Test

    I support the idea- at least the title. But I do have to wonder what the cost of screening every welfare recipient in the state... which I have read is over 100k... EVERY month... I don't know who's familiar with the cost of having a blood/urine screening... but its up there. I want to...
  11. DayWalker

    BYU Suspnds Star Athlete- For hooking up with his GF

    YOWZA!!!! And in the middle of a tourney run at that. Why church and college should never intersect :lol: Although since they all get married before they turn 20...
  12. DayWalker

    Protests in Madison WI Proud to be a Badger. 30k people outside of the capital for 2 consecutive days. The school children even came out to stand with their teachers. I am all...
  13. DayWalker

    Any rumors about a Move-Tiger Woods Golf 2012 Bundle?

    What the title says- seems like an extremely obvious/smart "move" for sony to make to get its new and over shadowed toy back into the spotlight... anything?
  14. DayWalker

    Michele Bachmann claims the founding fathers ended slavery

    This actually explains a lot about the fantasy world that some people are living in... and why your suspicions should be raised when you see school boards (texas) removing references to slavery in history books. This lady might be the only person in America dumber than Sarah Palin. The...
  15. DayWalker

    Recommend a Wireless Blu-Ray Player???

    A friend of mine got a Sony Wireless Blu-ray player for Christmas. I believe its the sony bdp-s570. Got a good review on Cnet- but its one weakness appears to be streaming Netflix via Wifi. She really wants to be able to use her player to stream netflix and is considering returning and...
  16. DayWalker

    New Official PS3 Headset

    :lol: Apparently I am a little behind? When did they release a new PS3 blu-tooth? Watch the video- are the features the same as the old official PS3 headset? (i.e. i didn't know you could charge and talk at the same time) Any reviews?
  17. DayWalker

    So much for fiscal responsbility

    900 billion added to the debt today... all in the name of preserving tax cuts for the top 2% of America. All those tea parties were obviously time well spent!!!
  18. DayWalker

    USA 2010 Midterm Election FRIENDLY Discussion Thread

    Ok this is a thread to discuss tonight election results. It is to be kept civil... and light. I would ask that if anyone can't play nice the mods either ban said offender for a day so that the thread can go on... or if things just get out of hand shut it down. PLAY NICE.
  19. DayWalker

    Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear Best Signs :lol: Some of these are really funny, if I had more energy I would take the time to post them but...
  20. DayWalker

    LOL- Wow Tea Baggers are Real Men!

    Check out the 3 grown men taking out the 115 lb FEMALE liberal activist holding a "dangerous" sign. sigh... rednecks: the people evolution forgot. :(