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    MGS HD NTSC saves and achievements work with the PAL version?

    So I know that the PS3 is region free, but will MGS HD NTSC save files and achievements work fine with the PAL version when I eventually buy that when it's released?
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    MGS: Portable Ops - is it an important part of the story?

    Hey, So I am a HUGE Metal Gear fan. Played 'em all to death... like most people, I'm extremely excited for Peace Walker... I've already got it preordered. I know pretty much all of the story of Metal Gear, except Portable Ops. I know PO+ is mainly just a multiplayer addon, but is PO an...
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    Anyone have a spare Star Trek Online key?

    I'm a HUGE Trek fan, and I'm DYING to try this game... if anyone has a spare key they'd like to give me, I'll forever love you. <3
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    What's the best way to walk on the ice without falling?

    I did a cartoon-style slide on the ice this morning, which turned my stomach! I have a small fear of slipping on ice. What's the best way to walk across it without falling on your arse!?
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    Any other Star Trek fans?

    Trekkies Unite! I'm a huge fan of Star Trek, anyone else care to admit their love? :P What was your favourite series? Movie? Character? Series - The Next Generation Movie - First Contact Character - Data
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    Starting WoW again, help picking an EU server!

    Hey, Decided to come back to WoW with a fresh start. New account, new characters - everything! Although, I'm not sure which realm to choose... I'd like something with good PvE progress, PvP (world and BG) and some good banter! I was on Sunstrider before, but I'm wanting a complete new start...
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    What's your favourite takeaway order?

    Chinese - Singapore rice noodles with salt and pepper ribs Indian - Tandoori chicken tikka with pilau rice Pizza - Meteor toppings on a dominator base, with double jalapenos and low fat mozzarella Post yours!
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    Today on the EU store, on the 15th anniversary of the PSone

    We get Peter Pan! Yay! A real classic! Thank you SCEE, thank you for the experiences for the past 15 years, and this incredible gift to commemorate it. Thank you SCEE, thank you! Whoever works at SCEE should throw themselves off a cliff. One big YUCK from me... great way to celebrate your...
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    FFXIII UK Boxart revealed

    Xbox 360: PS3: Personally, I REALLY like the covers. I always prefered the simple logo over the really stupid looking American covers, but I'm really enjoying these! EDIT: Just noticed this was...
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    What exactly does the Wii MotionPlus do?

    Is it better for games that you need to point the Wiimote at the screen? Things like Metroid Trilogy, etc. Thanks!
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    Should I upgrade my motherboard and RAM?

    Hey, So I'm planning to buy a 5770 1GB and a Phenom II 955 AM3 to use with my BIOSTAR MCP6P M2+ and 4GB of DDR2 PC2-6400 RAM. Is it worth upgrading to maybe an Asus M4A785TD-V and DDR3? Also, my current AM2+ mobo is perfectly compatible with the AM3 processor? CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+...
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    Brand new Jasper model, soft whirring noises?

    Hey, I just got this 250GB Jasper model a few weeks ago. (manufacturing date was August) I run all of my games from the hard drive, and there's a slight whirring noise, sounds like it's coming from a fan somewhere... even when I'm on the Dashboard. Is this still normal for new 360's? Thanks.
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    Selling my old PS3 - anything I need to do?

    Hey, Selling my 40GB PS3 with no games and no HDMI cable for £100 on Friday, (got a 250GB Slim now) and I'm about to reformat it, but is there anything else I need to do? Like when I got my new 250GB 360, I had to trade the digital rights over to my new console, anything like this on the PS3...
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    Dragon Age - What's your party of choice?

    Right now, my characters are between level 15 and 16. My party is: Vandien (My Melee Rogue) Alistair (Tank Spec Warrior) Morrigan (DPS Mage) Wynne (Spirit Healer) Although I'm planning to try out Sten to replace Morrigan as main DPS, he has the most Strength out of all my characters.
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    Dragon Age - I am a silly goose :(

    Missed out on one of the best weapons in the game... :( EDIT: Disregard this, turns out I didn't save the game and I got this random event again! :)
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    Dragon Age - does the game end after the main quest? (Please NO spoilers)

    Please don't post any spoilers! Just wondering, after the main quest is finished, does the game continue? Or does it stop and make you reload your last save? Thanks! Please don't post any spoilers!
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    Just picked up Dragon Age: Origins!

    Anyone else picked this up? I'm about to put it in and lose my weekend!
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    Winnie the Pooh

    ... Discuss.
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    Should I buy Episodes from LC, or buy them from XBL?

    Hey, So there's good and bad points about both... If I bought Episodes from Liberty City... +Cheaper +Vice City FM +Fernando Martinez -Having to swap discs from IV to Episodes -Not able to install them like you could if you downloaded them and buying them from XBL... +Ability to listen to...
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    Who would you like to see added to Dissidia?

    I'd love to see Kain, Rydia, Edgar, Locke, and Zack just to name a few. What about you?