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  1. Vercetti

    Not getting ascendant shards

    Is there some sort of glitch preventing me from getting shards? I realize I can get them from the raid but I'm talking about public events, etc. all I need is 2 to but all I get is energy. I must have 100 energy but only 4 shards. Frustrating to say the least Sent from my iPhone using...
  2. Vercetti

    Far Cry 4, repeating missions not saving progress

    Anyone else having this issue? Do I need to do manual saves (if possible). I'm doing the same missions over and over again after I turn the game off Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Vercetti

    No Protection Plan for older systems?

    Recently my ps4 stopped working. I had it shipped in and Sony fixed it for me (or it could be brand new) and sent it back. I'm thinking about getting a protection plan but the website is telling me the system can't be older than a year. I understand my system is covered for at least 90 days...
  4. Vercetti

    pre-order from ps store?

    I still haven't gotten a notification to download the beta. Has anyone else pre-ordered a digital copy from the ps store?
  5. Vercetti

    Which game mode will you start with?

    Crucible, Story, or Explore? I'd imagine most people are going straight to the crucible. It's probably the best way to level up. (I hope not) I'm leaning towards explore just to check everything out. I'm wondering if you play the story, does it unlock other areas? Sent from my iPhone...
  6. Vercetti

    Profile Pic Error

    Forgive me if this already been addressed, but what's up with our profile pics from Facebook? All I'm getting is a black box with the cross through it. I've tried switching back and forth but no luck. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Vercetti

    DS4 r2 button sticks

    Does anyone else have this problem? As I play it gets better but when I first start playing, the trigger sticks BAD Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Vercetti

    Ac4 promotional codes

    Did anyone else get 3 different codes for pre ordering this game? I guess it doesn't matter which one I use.. Or maybe I can sell one..hmmm Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Vercetti

    Bengals Sig/Ava

    Hey guys..I would like a signature and ava with my favorite NFL team, the Cincinnati Bengals. And if possible, include a picture of Geno Atkins, my favorite player. I have no requirements for font or design. But the Bengal colors are orange and black. Come up with something imaginative for...
  10. Vercetti

    Making money online

    I just started a few weeks ago. My guy is level 10 with 25k in the bank. What's the best way to make money? Seems like it will be a lifetime before I'll be able to afford a decent apartment or car. The missions don't pay out that much. Do they get better and pay more as you progress? Btw...
  11. Vercetti

    GTA5...PS3 or 360?

    I own both consoles. I have more friends playing 360 and I'm definitely interested in online. I'm leaning towards the 360 version. Any reason why I shouldn't, or go with the PS3 version?
  12. Vercetti

    DS4 charging

    Please tell me we can charge the controller without the system on
  13. Vercetti

    Dual shock 4 touchscreen

    Is anyone else curious as to how it's going to be put to use? I can't imagine it having a lot of function. It's not that big. Can anyone provide some examples?
  14. Vercetti

    Used Games/Sharing

    I posted this in another thread but I didn't want this to get overlooked: Am I the only one that doesn't care about not sharing games? I rarely buy used games anyway. My actual real life friends and I don't share games either. Is there any advantage to having drm? I guess being able to...
  15. Vercetti

    I suck

    Hey guys I've played call of duty before but I just bought black ops 2. My kill/ratio rate is averaging 5/15 Any advice? I think I'm moving too much. I always seem to get shot in the back. And the other guys seems like they can take more bullets than me. How do you guys generally play?
  16. Vercetti

    Skyrim Jagged Crown Glitch

    Has anyone else experienced the glitch in this quest. It's beyond frustrating. After I open the door to the temple, there is no where to go. There's a wall that's not supposed to be there. I tried skipping a couple hours and my legion friends walked right through it! Are they not going to...
  17. Vercetti

    I suck at FIFA

    Current online record: 5-3-14 I havent' made it out of the last division. :lol:. Do I really suck this bad? Or is everybody else THAT good? I've always enjoyed playing Fifa, but sometimes I want to throw the controller through my TV.
  18. Vercetti

    Hulu Issue

    Does anyone else have an issue of lag with Hulu? I know it's not my connection because I can watch Netflix with no problems. My laptop doen't have any lag either. I'm wondering if they need some kind of update.
  19. Vercetti

    Assassins Creed Flags/Templars

    I just downloaded the game (I'm a few years behind). Is there any benefit of finding all the flags and killing all the templars (besides completing the game)? It's meticulous and boring. I'd rather not look for them unless its worth it.
  20. Vercetti

    Killzone 3 Sharpshooter

    Anyone pick up the move sharpshooter? I just saw a commercial for it. Looks badass. Is it compatible with other games as well? Not just FPS, but say a game like Uncharted? And how do you move your character? I thought using regular move would be awkward. But this makes more sense.