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    I just saw an MGS commercial on MTV!

    :D I was watching the MTV movie awards and apparently MGS4 is one of the sponsors. They did an ad for it and said they'd be taking an exclusive sneak peak at it. OMG!! It has begun guys! The movie awards are on now and I'll be keep on watching it to see what they show! Go turn on your TVs now!!
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    **UT3 on PS3 sells 1.2 million copies in NORTH AMERICA**

    Here's another link for the doubters saying that it's the PC+PS3 combined sales
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    I've got two PS3s for real

    :-P My dad got a PS3 today as a blu ray player for the living room. I already have a PS3 that is kept in my lounge. I guess he didn't want to bring it down whenever he feels like watching a movie. I just got home from school and was surprised to see a PS3 in his study. I was like "WTH dad?", and...
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    Video of Andy Serkis' excellent Mo-Cap in Heavenly Sword

    This video shows Andy Serkis' amazing talent in his motion capture for King Botan in Heavenly Sword. :DD This game will own "My sacred genitals!!"<<<:lol:. :oops: Oops sorry here's the vid:
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    "Sony to win console wars"-Research Firm

    :D According to a research firm Sony will win the console war with an estimate of 75 million units sold. Link:;link What do you guys think?
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    Demand for the PS3

    I hear lots of people saying the demand for PS3 is pretty low and it's getting me kinda worried. Here in Houston we've got plenty of demand, and I'm yet to walk into a store with PS3s on the shelves. What is the demand like where you live? :( I'd like to believe that the demand is only low in...
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    WHOPEEEE! I just got my PS3!!

    :D YAY! i just got my PS3 and I've been up all night downloading demos and enjoying Resistance. My younger bro' called Bestbuy Thursday night and they said they had a couple of them, and so I quickly rushed down there and got my 60GB PS3 along with Resistance. Only problem is I forgot to get an...