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    Free PS+ 5 days starts January 29

    Just got an email not sure if it's the same date for everyone but I'm almost certain it is.
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    PS4 update 2.03 live

    Just a heads up, features system stability.
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    Driveclub PS+ Edition should be up in an hour or so

    We've heard from a #Sony rep that #DRIVECLUB #PS+ will be available within the next hour or so. @NathanCampbel26 @JNolan3 @Theblackwizard1
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    Inferno Climber RPG for PS4

    New game by developer Arc System Works which is set to come out next year before it gets hot (Spring?). I really do hope this is not one of the 3 secret new games because it looks shite lol. And less than a minute of off-screen gameplay source...
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    MGS5:TPP Quiet invisible camo and Metal Gear Collection 2014

    Footage of new character Quiet and her invisibility camo, plus her weird black eyes. Also a new Metal Gear Collection 2014 is inbound.
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    Tomb Raider Rise of the Tomb is a timed exclusive

    For all of the skeptical and heartbroken PS TR fans whom doubted this will be released for PS4. There's certainly no confirmation for a ps4 release as of yet but like I've...
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    TLOU half price if you trade in your PS3 copy @ GameStop [RUMOR]

    Found this rumor over at reddit, it's still not confirmed, some are saying GS employees don't have a clue about it whilst some others are saying they've gotten confirmation from GS managers. Either way, the deal should be you trade in your PS3 copy and you get half the price for it so you'd...
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    Playstation app useless?

    Is the android app good for anything? I remember watching an advertisement showing me I could purchase stuff and download it straight to my PS4 so that it might be ready as soon as I'm there. I gave it a try today and left my PS4 in standby mode so that it would allow internet access and...
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    Killzone Shadow Fall Update 1.03

    Just a heads up, there is a new 85 mb update for the game which will automatically start downloading as soon as you turn on your ps4 (and probably need the disc in too). 1.03 -Several crash fixes.
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    PS4 Loading times - Disappointing

    So what do you guys think? I remember reading wonders about the minimum loading times, being able to turn off the game playing and turning it back on to the same place I left it in a few seconds (I know they'll enable this sometime in the future). And what's even more disappointing is the fact...
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    PS4 OS/UI - What do you think?

    So after finally trying it for yourselves, how do you guys like this? Me personally, I hate it! it's truthfully awful as they stripped all of the nice features, options and customization from the XMB and left us with a half baked OS, which hopefully will receive PLENTY of tweaks in the future. I...
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    30 day PS Plus CC bypass / fake CC?

    Hi there, I do not have access to a cc as of right now and I need one in order to redeem my 30 days which is a STUPID move from Sony to force a user to add their cc info. Do you guys know how to bypass this like with fake CC? I tried the ones from fakenamegenerator but it didn't work.
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    PS Plus 30 days free trial + 7/14 day game free trial stacking?

    Hi there, this has been asked in the forums already but we haven't got an answer, do you mind sending a tweet to Yoshida asking about it and see if he replies to us? I would like to know if I can stack the free 30 days trial included in the box with the 7/14 days trial included in the games.
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    Target B2G1F deal legit?

    I know there's already thread discussing this but since everybody is all hyped up on this deal nobody seems to be responding this question I have which is, has this been officially confirmed by Target themselves? cause the ad sure as hell is not on their site. So my main question is where is the...
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    'Titanfall' developer didn't know game would be Xbox One exclusive forever

    So apparently people who were anticipating this game for PS4 weren't far fetched at all, the only reason it will be a permanent exclusive to Xbox is because of EA who made the deal with Microsoft and the people at Respawn Studios the ones that actually made the game had no idea it would be a...
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    DICE: Making BF4 look the same on all platforms would be the coward's way out

    I agree with their reasoning, best be judged because they made a game look the best possible on each console than be judged because they numbed down certain version because of the other device, I'm not trying to start any console war fuzz but here's another game pretty much making a statement...
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    GTA V Drug Trips [SPOILERS]

    I'm sure most of you here are done with the game, or at least way past the Drug Trip missions. I would like to know if I can get drugged without the missions being triggered, I'm talking about the one where Jimmy gives his dad Michael a drug infused drink and when the legalize weed guy gives...
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    GTA V availability on launch day?

    I've got a gift card for GS which I intend to use towards the purchase of this game but I don't really care for pre-ordering as the bonus has no value to me, but I was wondering about the availability. Do you guys think my chances of not getting a copy on launch without pre-ordering are good?
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    SCEJA Press Conference 2013 [Tonight US]

    Thought I'd share the link for the live stream which is happening tonight for the States. (11:00 PM PST) According to PlayStation Europe on Twitter, the event will begin on Monday at 7:00 a.m. BST (11:00 p.m. Pacific on Sunday, September 8th) and will...
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    Battlefield 4 Official Thread

    Battlefield 4 Official Discussion thread I decided to create the official Battlefield 4 thread for us to use when the game is out and to post any BF4 related news. I have compiled some of the features about Battlefield 4 and present them in a Q&A form so that people may have an easier time...