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    Latest Skullgirls trailer reveals more of Story Mode and exclusive PS3 Trophies!!

    Enjoy the latest trailer for the game and its superb levels of pure awesomeness! It's almost here. ^.^ Source: For those who want to know more about the...
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    ...The Official Skullgirls PSU Thread! (PSN Title)...

    SKULLGIRLS ==Skullgirls Official Thread!!! The New Age of Heroines is upon us!== Developer: RevergeLabs Platforms: Playstation Network / Xbox Live Arcade Release Date: Q1 2012 Official Website(s): RevergeLabs Website/Blog: ==GENERAL...
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    Evolution 2011 - The Greast FG Tournament, Watch the stream at Playstation HOME -

    This weekend the greatest Fighting Game Tournament of the world, EVOLUTION, is taking place at the Rio Casino Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The tournaments for 5 games will be going this Friday, Saturday and Sunday which will be the finals, Top-8 for all tournaments. The Games: Super Street...
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    Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Thread. DLC Released!

    =====Super Street Fighter IV: ARCADE EDITION===== ======================================= "The ultimate version of SSFIV is here! May the preparations for EVO commence! Stay godlike all my fellow competitors! The Twins are coming for you!" Release dates: 06/07 (PSN/Live, DLC add on for SSFIV)...
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    It's the Marvel Vs. Capcom Ultimate thread! (Check OP for updates!)

    ==THE OFFICIAL MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3: Fate of Two Worlds THREAD!== Developer: Capcom Platforms: Playstation 3 / Xbox 360 Release Date: February 15th (16th JP/ 17th EU) Official Website (Japanese): Official Website (US):
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    An even greater year for fighting games is upon us. Godlike!

    2010 is almost gone or already gone in some places. For Ono-san (Street Fighter IV producer) is already 2011, the man is in the future people! He's trolling us from DA FUTURE now! o_O In 2010 we had fantastic games like Blazblue: Continuum Shift which gave the ol' switcharoo' making broken...
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    Bayonetta wins the New IP award from GT! Kamiya please make Bayonetta 2. Any award for Bayonetta is well deserved. This was indeed one of the most unique gaming experiences I had this year. Congratulations for all the nominees (especially Vanquish and Heavy Rain). Anyone who's a fan of fast...
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    TGS2010 Castlevania: Lords of Shadows JP Trailer *MAJOR, MAJOR SPOILERS*

    This seven minutes long trailer covers a LOT of the plot, including some twists etc. So watch it at your own risk! The game is definitely beautiful and well produced and it's very close from release. I honestly believe if you're anticipating this game that you skip this particular trailer...
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    All of Mortal Kombat 9 Fatalities and x-Ray moves so far...

    Here's a video compilation of all Fatalities and X-Ray Supers in the new Mortal Kombat caught on video so far. Beware, gory content...
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    Awesome FFVII 8-bit remake!

    Now this is a remake I would like to see! =D Seriously, I would love that! Too bad they didn't use the right song for the boss battle, still, great job!
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    Street Fighter vs. Tekken Officially announced at SDCC!

    Ok guys! The live blog is up on the Capcom Street Fighter Panel presented by Yoshinori-Ono (SFIV producer), Ryota Nitsuma (MVC3 producer), Seth Killian among others. They are talking about the future of the Capcom fighting games. And that future brings another crossover game, clashing two...
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    My PS3 just YLOD'ed on me... =(

    Hey guys... I got some sad news... my 40GB PS3 just YLOD'ed on me in the middle of a ranked match in SSFIV. T_T Here's what happened, the system shut off and when I tried to turn it on again, the green light lit but flashed to a yellow light and then the system turned off again. =( Any idea on...
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    Square's Legend of Mana coming to PSN

    From 1UP: More after the jump: One of my favorite games of the PS1. I'm very happy with this news! All I need now is Parasite Eve, Xenogears and Vagrant Story (in the US).
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    =PSU Double Down-Right Fierce SSFIV Tournament!=

    =PSU's Double Down-Right Fierce= Super Street Fighter IV tournament! Welcome to our first SSFIV tournament! Our objective here is to gather around, play some games and get to know each other. Have fun, share tactics, practice and get better. \o/ Have fun! \o/ Signing Up! To keep things...
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    <<The King of Fighters XIII Official Thread>> More Videos Added.

    ==THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII OFFICIAL THREAD== Developer: SNK Playmore Platforms: Playstation 3 / Xbox 360 Release Date: Summer 2010 Official Website: FINALLY A PROPER SEQUEL! "Yo! Nippon Ichi!" WHAT WAS XII THEN HARDLE...
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    Reward Offered for Footafe Stolen from Super Street Fighter IV Launch. Such a terrible thing. =( I'm just spreading the word as I know not many people here live in L.A...
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    SSFIV request! Guy + Makoto sig and Rose avy! + rep to all, 15k SP for winner!

    Hey guys! It's time to borrow some of your talent to hype it up even more for the upcoming SSFIV release! \o/ I would like to request a sig with Makoto's and Guy's official artwork as follows. Please add my psn in the sig. PSN: marcushardle. And an avy with Rose's artwork, if you guys...
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    King of Fighter XIII First Look! Let's welcome back the Shiranui queen!

    KOF XIII first gameplay videos are up! MAI IS BACK!! And so are Yuri and King FTW!!! \o/ YouTube- KOF 13 preview part 1 YouTube- KOF 13 preview part 2 YouTube- KOF 13 preview part 3 YouTube- KOF 13 preview part 4 YouTube- KOF 13 preview part 5 YouTube- KOF 13 preview part 6 YouTube- KOF...
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    Three Kingdom Hearts titles in the making? Including Kingdom Hearts III!

    Here you go guys: Source:
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    I need a new and sexy sig. + Rep and Sp

    Hello there! Can someone make me a nice Bayonetta sig? I would like to use this image here and add my PSN to it: Feel free to be creative and add some sass/sexiness that'll do Bayonetta's justice! :P