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    Final Fantasy XIII Wallpaper

    image url is: You like?
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    Sig Battle anyone?

    I missed out on the tourney but have been watching with interest. Got me started on mucking around with GIMP. So if anyone is keen for a battle we can discuss Theme and Prize an Deadline and get to it.
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    operation flashpoint DR sig request, sp to winner

    hey guys i'm after a new sig i want it based on operation flashpoint Dragon rising i'd like my psn Golgotha9 on it. i have added a few pics for reference so feel free to use them or any other related images you ppl can find i'll give 1000 sp to winner and i'll rep all who spend the time to have...
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    Looking for MAG beta code

    as an Australian gamer i can't find anywhere to get my hands on a Mag Beta code. I'm really keen to give this game a run and don't want to be disadvantaged when it is released here by all the ppl who will have been playing it for months by the time i get a chance to get into it. So if anyone has...
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    Fuxton sig request will offer 2000sp to winner +rep (updated pics)

    Was hoping i could get someone to design me a nice dark themed sig using the images below and adding my name in somewhere. will offer all the sp i can, atm i only have around 450 hopefully someone might do it for the love of it ;) thanx ppl
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    How many good friends have you made on PSN?

    How many of you have met ppl on psn that you chat with all the time and would consider friends not just someone to game with
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    FFVII from PSN to PSP screen size

    Does anyone know of a fix to get the display bigger on the screen of the psp, this is the first title i have got off the PSN store and put it on my PSP. Loaded it up and it is tiny on the screen, i understand that back in the day it would have made to display at 4:3, just wondering if there was...
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    Have UFC create-a-fighters been nerfed for online

    it might just be me but i put UFC on for a bit of a bash after not playing it for a week or two and i could not understand how rampage jackson could make me submit in 30 seconds it's like my 94 sub defence and full stamina bar meant nothing same thing happened later against forrest griffin, rear...
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    Does anyone play Guitar Hero: Metallica online

    hey just wondering if anyone out there actually plays GH: Metalica online cos everyime i go to join a pro faceoff i can never seem to find anyone online. So if you do play this game online swing me an add so i can give you a challenge or maybe we can do some co-op
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    motorstorm: pacific rift-Online Problems

    bought motorstorm pac rift the other day hoping to get online and play some friends, put the game in and updated to 1.01 then tried to get online but got the message cannot logon to server this happens everytime i try to connect i have 2 dozen games that will play online. if anyone knows of this...
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    HDMI connection dramas

    Hey guys, just got a new full HD bravia lcd and a HDMI cable to hook the ps3 up with, i connect it up and turn the ps3 on and a screen saying a HDMI device has been detected do i wish to switch video and audio output to HDMI> i select yes and the screen goes black i flick over to the hdmi...
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    Aussie Army of Two players

    if your an aussie army of two player feel free to add me my PSN is golgotha9. i'm having trouble findin games that don't lag so i'm hopin to find some local players.
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    NBA2K8 Need help urgently

    i went out to buy a new nba game (the last i had bought was live05 for the ps2 which i enjoyed). after playing the live08 demo and finding it a bit chunky and overwhelming in the controls dept. i jumped on the forums and had a look around and read a few 2k8 vs live08 and found most ppl backed...
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    Should COD4 change it's lobby type?

    I think the lobby in COD4 is pathetic it lacks so much info. Why they don't have a lobby system like every other multiplayer game out there, take warhawk for example a server list comes up showin info like map, gametype, ammount of players in game, max players allowed and your ping to that...
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    is SKATE overated?

    just finished skate pretty **** good game but just couldn't get over how it slows down so much it gets real chunky sometimes to the point were you think your laggin, but your playin single. seems to happen when it is most inconvenient ie. when in x3 multi or when filming parts. very frustrating...