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  1. J

    Beware of cheaters/glitchers

    Yup some how glitching under the map shooting everything and anything and you cant do nothing about it smh how long till they fix it? probably a while knowing these guys
  2. J

    Does ANYONE have this problem with the gunship in black ops

    Every time I get a gunship, I cant control it, it does its own thing, i can shoot and everything but cant control the bastard! Anyone else got this problem?
  3. J

    What is the Crash Bandicoot equivelant this gen??

    Ok so with PSN down Im in the mood for a game like Crash Bandicoot, or some other type of adventure game. What sort of games are out now that are like this? I was thinking Ratchet and Clank, but I dont know what the latest release of this game is, if someone cold help me out, thanks.
  4. J

    Treyarch Please never make a game again and kill yourself

    Constant freezing making me force reset the ps3....5 times in one sitting!!! They should be revoked from making games. rant/
  5. J

    2 Questions before I buy Move....

    When does The Fight come out? When does Time Crisis come out? Probably the only 2 games ill actually play with Move, sports champions will get some play but its one of those games thats easily forgotten.