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    The Golf Club

    I didn't want to start a whole new thread about this, but didn't see anyone else talking about it. I remember seeing early footage of this and thinking "hey that looks pretty cool." Well apparently it came out today haha. $34.99 on the store. Anyone tried it yet? Thinking about downloading it...
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    Kojima looking for a studio remake MGS using Fox Engine If it's gonna be done, I'd rather he do it himself. I don't trust anyone else to not fuck it up (see: The Twin Snakes on Gamecube)
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    Dexter: Season 8 (FINAL SEASON)

    Sneak peek released not too long ago. It has been confirmed by Showtime to be the final season.
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    Disney-PIXAR's new animated film...

    Finding Dory Nice! Hope it's not just some belated april fools joke.
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    SO, I'm selling my Vita =(

    I'll probably get one eventually for the PS4 connectivity.
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    Best Place to Sell Textbooks?

    Anybody know any good, reliable websites to sell back your used textbooks? I've seen the values Amazon gives me, and they're pretty good, the only issue is they give gift card value rather than cash.
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    IGN Review is up!! :snicker
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    Some Good Online Deals

    I bought a few HD collections lately at really good prices, and thought I'd share if anyone else was interested. All on Newegg at roughly 50% off (except one) All with free shipping (Amazon has similar pricing on some of these) Splinter Cell Trilogy - $15.96 Jak and Daxter HD Collection -...
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    2012/2013 Barclay's Premier League Prediction Thread

    Well, it's that time of year again. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to fill out this template with your predictions for the upcoming season. Your reward for accuracy: fuck all. :snicker this thread will be on page 2 by the time we know. Well.. here we go. Champions...
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    Breaking Bad - 5th and Final Season

    It's so close. Two more weeks until the best show on TV comes back (Sherlock barely qualifies as "on TV"). If you don't already know, the 5th season is the final season. The good news: it is longer than the usual seasons, this one will be 16 episodes. The bad news: it's being split up into two...
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    "Receiver" by Wolfire Games: a 7 day FPS challenge Wonder what they could do if they spent more time with something like this. For more info on what Wolfire is working on, lookup "Overgrowth"
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    StarForge just give these people millions. it needs to get made. there's a download and donation link in the video description.
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    DC Comics New 52 - Batman

    If you don't already know, DC comics has reset the issue counts of all their series and rebooted all of them around the end of summer 2011. I must say I am really enjoying the new Batman comic (the main one, haven't tried any of the other Batman family ones), and the Court of Owls definitely...
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    2011/12 Premier League Predictions

    Interested to see what everyone thinks. You can follow this template: Champions: Man City Runners-up: Man United 3rd: Liverpool 4th: Chelsea 5th: Arsenal ------------------------------------------------------- 18th: Newcastle 19th: Norwich 20th: Swansea...
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    Bob Bradley fired as U.S. head coach

    Time to move on, they said. Where to for him? He's a solid coach. Will some MLS team pick him up? Maybe some mid to bottom table team in England?
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    An Annoying Glitch

    Anybody else think "wtf?" when you run over the same weapon that you're holding, except with a different attachment, and it doesn't give you the ammo? You need to have the EXACT same gun or you're **** out of luck. I remember in COD4 you would run over a different weapon that takes the same...
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    Drift Trial Rankings/Score: Tsukuba Circuit

    How are you guys doing on this? I managed a score of 17524 with the ACR Viper on Comfort Hard tires. Rank is 734. On a side note, does anyone know how to get your saved replays off your PS3. I tried exporting as saved data in replay theater, but the filetypes are foreign to my computer.
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    Not many competitions?

    Is it just me, or are there not that many races? I mean, it's been a while since the last game, but I remember there being a lot more options in the previous iterations. 5 levels (beginner, amateur, etc) and 9 competitions each seems like a low number. Like in this game I see the Vitz...
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    PS3 or Xbox?

    That is precisely the question i got when I asked the game salesman at Best Buy if they had any more Collector's Edition copies of GT5. How do these people get hired? I mean, you should know at least a little about a game that's released that day.