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    Well....this was unexpected.

    USA PSN store is selling XCOM vita for $7.99 (60% off) At that price I am happy to grab it, and wanted to pass along the news to my PSU Forum friends
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    Well....this was unexpected.

    Oh sweet, that is awesome news! Definitely picking it up when it goes on sale Thanks for the info Neil
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    Well....this was unexpected.

    Nice, wish it was Enemy Within though. But the one thing I don't get is why price it so high for a 3-4 year old game. I will get this but not till it is closer to $10. But still very stoked to have XCOM available on my VITA
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    [OT] Far Cry Primal

    It just got leaked this morning but there is another new Far Cry game on its way. <span images="" smilies="" icon_cool.gif"="" border="0" alt="" title="" smilieid="14" class="inlineimg">; font-family: Lato, sans-serif; font-size: 19px; font-style: italic; line-height...
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    Wasteland 2

    Any PC gamers back via kickstarter or pick up Wasteland 2, when it came out last week? I backed it via kickstarter and I am so glad that I did. It is an awesome game that is huge and very in depth. The writing it awesome and it feels like an old school RPG, just what I was looking for. If...
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    I will NOT want my Borderlands 2 with my Vita Slim, anyone want it? 3 Available

    I will take one for free, but I assume no one here is looking to just gift a code. I would jump in on the cheap deal but I already have Borderlands 2 on PC and have beat it. But just in case someone wants to give me a code let me know :)
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    Did Gamescom 2013 convince you to keep/buy a Vita?

    Had my Vita for a year now and with PS+ i have so many games I can't get to them all, plus with remote play coming with the PS4, no reason to even think about getting rid of it. Still holding out hope for a bigger named game release though, Borderlands 2 is pretty big but it is still a port we...
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    PS Vita NEW memory card prices

    Definitely, I only have a 16gb card and it is getting way too full, it sucks to think I could get 2 new vita games for the price of one 32gb card.
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    Post Conference thoughts

    I was a little bummed too that they didn't announce any really big hitter titles at E3, I love my Vita and wish there were a few more must have titles. It is still good to hear though that we will be able to do remote play via the Vita with the PS4.
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    Vita: Sony exec hints at plans to turn console around

    They definitely need a few big titles, IMPO it makes the PSP look like cow dung as far as the screen and functionality of it (IE two sticks). Killzone Mercenaries looks good which is coming later this year but man do we need a fallout, or GTA or God of War, something big to sell systems...
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    Out of touch with RPGs - Help please :)

    I would go with zzKurozz as well, P3P is a different story and the first one is almost ridiculous. I love RPGs and I have never wanted to put one down cause it was frustrating but P1 made me do that. Go for P3, second opinion. But I still say get P4 golden when it comes out cause it was a PS2...
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    Out of touch with RPGs - Help please :)

    Ghost, you are about 2 months early, October 23rd or 30th the remake of Persona 4 is coming to Vita. So get that one for sure when it is out. But as of what is out right now, the only one I have is Disgaea 3. It kinda takes the idea of a school setting like the Persona Games but the story is...
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    PlayStation CEO: A good raft of PS Vita projects are underway

    if there are so many games on the horizon, let us know what you guys are cooking. Guess there is no special Vita event this month, that sucks. I love my Vita but want to know what else is coming for it. Vita GTA or Vita Fallout, that is all I ask.
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    Vita Question

    Yeah that seems to be the case, the only hangup I see is that if you played Uncharted on your 8gig and then tried to play it on your 16gig you would have to start a new game cause the save data is on the 8gig, but you can transfer save files like that via the content manager on a PC. They...
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    Next game?

    I just got Disgaea 3 today from Amazon, but nothing on my radar till Persona 4.
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    Vita Question

    If I understand your question correctly, I am pretty sure that you can. Trying stuff out when I got the Vita I put the demo for dungeon alliance (i think that is the name) on my 8gig and then when I got my 16gig I put Motorstorm RC on that one, no problem. Hope that helps a little....
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    Vita Question

    I don't think that is true, at least not for me, so far.... Just got my Vita at the beginning of the month, got the 3g/WiFi and it came with an 8gig card, not knowing it came with a card, I had already ordered a 16gig from Amazon. So I have two cards now and can switch them out just like I did...
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    General Vita questions

    Got my Vita, man it is awesome. Got the 3G (so I can add a play later if I want) Uncharted and Hot Shots Golf. Thanks again to you guys for answering my questions. Now I just gotta wait till Oct for Person 4. My only major beef with it is the fact that you have to transfer stuff to the Vita...
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    Anyone use screen protector for the Vita

    how much of a dip in picture quality do you guys notice with the screen protectors? Does the screen protector get in the way of actually using the touch screen? (doesn't seem like it for most but wanted to be sure)